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  1. tipclaydon
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    is vortex ok to use with this guide or does it have to be mo2
    1. Rhypon
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      Well, I tried using Vortex and I've decided to switch to MO2, just so I can adjust my load order manually. Personally, I found Vortex's rule method to be extremely awkward (e.g. when trying to solve the black-face bug.)
    2. Xeir0
      • member
      • 66 posts
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      I used it fine. A big tip is to disable auto-deploying. If too many things are happening at once (Installing mods one after another or uninstalling one after another) it gets confused and some things get left behind. I was trying to figure out a similar texture issue for a while until I uninstalled everything and found several files left behind in my data folder that should have been removed. Just a tip. I also find the rules system a bit awkward, but in theory it can allow you to managed things easier... in theory. Never found an instance where MO2s system wasn't perfectly fine.
  2. Labargoth
    • premium
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    Is there a reason why the SSE Engine Fixes page was removed? Is it obsolete or a mistake?
    1. whoooooopi
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      Seconding this question...
    2. Dargone
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      • 94 posts
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      SSE Engine Fixes is part of the guide. It is literally the first mod installed under User Interface and Core Mods. Hope this helps!
  3. TygerxEyes
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    • 131 posts
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    Great Job! I found this to be super helpful Primer. It is clear it took a lot of time and effort. Thank-You.