• Automatic Variants SSE [0.0.6 version] - Really problematic and in most case broken. Not actively supported by author.
  • More Accurate Collision SSE [1.2.4 version] - Not compatible with SMIM. Can cause CTD because some of the meshes from this mod are broken.
  • Loot and Degradation SE [1.32 version] - Outdated mod (last update in 2014). It have a lots of problems that was not fixed. Can cause random CTD. Also it require a lot of patches to be actually compatible with heavy modded game.
  • Pastel Map Markers [Pastel version] - not compatible with SkyUI.
  • Lockpicking Interface Redone SSE [ version] - old port of original FrankFamily mod. There is no point to use it anymore when we have fixed and updated version by original author.
  • Maids II - Deception [5.1.3 version] - main problem that you need to build your entire load order around this mod. It require a lot of patches, is not compatible with mods like Imperious, etc. You can use it, but not with this guide.
  • Dialogue Style Interface for Quick Loot SE [1.0SE version] - it doesn't work anymore with updated versions of Quick Loot. Quick Loot RE have its own build-in version of this mod.
  • Aemer's Refuge SE [2.81 version] - actually only one big problem (for me) and few smaller ones. It's incompatible with mods that overhauls vanilla player homes, because it adds teleports inside them. 
  • The Doubt Suspended Quest Pack [1.3 version] - it should be merged, cleaned and bug fixed. Until author don't fix it, I don't recommend that mod.
  • LEBO - LoreWorthy Enemies and Bandits Organizations [currently hidden] - badly ported (a lot of problems with plugin). Also there are some incompatabilities with other mods in the guide.
  • Wild World SE [1.41 version] - really interesting concept, but there is still too many problems and CTDs to use it in normal playthrough. Also it have a lot of unecessary changes.
  • Zim's Dremora Improvements [V1.1 version] - there are some minor bugs and USSEP fixes not forwarded. 
  • Monster Mod SE [V1.2 version] - too many problems in current version. Don't use it if you don't want to break your game!
  • Agent of Righteous Might [1.1.0 version Oldrim] - really old mod, with tons of problems and incompatibilities. Don't even think to play with it.
  • Immersive Roads SSE [1.0 version] - not properly updated textures. Very poor visual consistency with the surrounding landscape.
  • Unique Flowers and Plants SSE [1.1 version] - old mod that needs to be rebuilt to work in SSE (mod is not compatible with DLCs and other SSE landscape changes). Textures are really low quality compared to newest mods. Also USSEP fixes are not forwarded. Author of port deletes all comment about problems with his work... 
  • InnCredible [1.3.1 version] - abandoned, bugged mod. There are also some issues with NavMesh in some inns and CTDs.
  • TESCombatStyle Form CTD Fix [1.0 version] - this mod does nothing to fix anything. Actually it breaks things that it shouldn't ever touch. More about it.
  • SSE High Quality Music [1.8 version] - it slows the loading of your game, not compatible with some mods without additional workarounds and it doesn't match mod-added voices because it is louder than vanilla voices.
  • Extra Smooth Agence de Modele High Poly Mesh Mod [2.02 version] - unfortunately there are too many problems with meshes from this mod right now to use it in normal game. 
  • Enhanced Texture Depth - Landscapes [1.1 version] - weak illusion of 3D landscape. Actually, it doesn't look good and can cause crashes combined with other retextures. Even vanilla has some problems.
  • Vindsvept - Music for Skyrim Special Edition - 2018 [1.2 version] - I really like the music from this mod. . .  but everything else is made wrong. Plugin is not properly ported and not cleaned, and the folder structure is weird so Smashed Patch can't be made properly. It will be a good mod when author finally fixes these issues.
  • Death Mountain 1 SSE [1.2 version] - broken port. It can cause random CTDs. Port author disabled bug tracker and deleted comments about various bugs.
  • Lock Related Loot [1.2 version] - it contains some unecessary changes (it messing chests textures) and doesn't forward USSEP changes.
  • Prince and The Pauper SE [4.08 version] - super problematic. A lot of things doesn't work properly. Patches are broken. Form 44.
  • Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks SE [3.12SE version] - broken in a lot of places, buggy, require a lot of patches. No longer supported.
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks SE [1.66sse version] - similar problems to iAFT.
  • Immersive Sounds Compendium - Patches [1 version] - outdated patches, especially the ISC one.
  • Rigmor of Bruma [V1.0 version] - too many conflicts with other mods from the guide. There is also a lot of problems and bugs in the mod itself.
  • Rigmor of Cyrodiil [1.1a version] - less conflicts than Rigmor of Bruma, but the mod itself have a lot of problems.
  • Undeath Remastered [1.7 version] - story and rest of the content is really interesting.. but amount of conflicts, bugs and dirty edits is horrendous.
  • Abandoned Cathedral [1.0 version] - form 44, broken NavMesh, a lot of minor problems.
  • Runio's Ring SSE [0.04 version] - this dungeon breaks Legacy of the Dragonborn. If you have this and you come to Solitude as Relic Hunter the initial quest wont update. You will be stuck on "read the letter". And it wont update even after you speak to Auryen and get the quest to find those three items.
  • Windhelm Lighthouse [V.1.3 version] - it touches things, that shouldn't be touched (for example: snow and lighting records). Don't use it, unless you want to break something in your snow/light setup.  
  • The Secrets of Arc Cyrae [1 version] - contain a lot of edits, that shouldn't be there. Too hard to patch it because of that.
  • Truly Absorb Dragon Souls [1.3 version] - script conflict with Skyrim Unbound.
  • Weissadler's Hamlet - A Quest Mod - SE Version [1.1 version] - bugged, have a lot of errors, need to be manually cleaned, lack of ussep fixes.

  • Sovngarde HD 2k [1.0 version] - There are already very good textures for Sovngarde in the Guide. 


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