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    Using NPC map

    From the version 1.0beta21, the NPCmap can be generated on the fly and in one click in the NPCMap panel, so you dont need to use xEdit Script anymore.
    You can also directly load all master for a given esp also in one click, so you can build the NPCmap with all inherited references, if they are needed.

    -Now open xTranslator,
    -Go in the npcMap tab (8) at the bottom, the npcmap/fuzmap will be automatically generated.
    -You might need to also load the masters esm for the current mod, clivk on the secund button (not shown on the picture)
    -Now you have a complete list of Npc linked to dialog
    -If you activate the NPC filter on top (10), you can select an NCP in the npcMap (11) and see all dialog spoken by that given NPC.
    -Also when you edit a dialog, you can see which NPCs are using it (12).  

    Legacy tutorial: Generating NPCMap with xEdit Script (deprecated, and not needed anymore)
    The first version of sTranslator NPCmap required it to be imported from xEdit.

    This requires to use the scripting ability of xEdit:
    -For Skyrim/SkyrimSE, you will need to use the script:[Export dialogues], which comes with the default xEdit distribution (know issue: the script actually only work on dialogs from quests that are entirely created by the mod)
    -For Fallout4 you will need to use the script:[Fallout4 - Export Dialogues], and you need to get it under the optional download section from here

    In both cases, the script needs to be placed in the .\xEdit\Edit Scripts\ folder.

    Now, a step by step.

    For this example lets generate a dialogMap for Tales from the Commonwealth for Fallout4

    -(1)Open your mod in xEdit (and only the mod, otherwise you will mess with the formID. xEdit will automatically select the right masters to load):  3NPC_FO4.esp
    -Wait until the parsing is finished (you get the message : 'Background Loader: finished')
    -Right click on 3NPC_FO4.esp (2a) to select it, and open the context menu, -> go to apply Script (2b)
    -In the new window select the script [Fallout4 - Export Dialogues] (3) in the top combobox
    -Click Ok (4)
    -Wait until the process is done (don't be worry by some eventual error messages), this can be quite long, especially for big mod (If you need the map for Fallout4.esm, you can download it directly from , it's faster ;))
    -Once it's done, you get the message (5)
    [Saving: .\TES5Edit\Edit Scripts\Fallout4 Dialogues Export.txt
    [Apply Script done]  Processed Records: 71304, Elapsed Time: 01:08] 
    and the dialog map is saved by default inside the .\xEdit\Edit Scripts\ folder. (6)
    -Move that file somewhere else, and rename it with a more appropriate name (for example '3NPC_FO4.txt')
    -Close xEdit.

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