Troubleshooting - Opulent Outfits SSE

Issue: Naked or partially clothed NPCs

This is by far the most common issue that occurs in Opulent, since it deals with extensively with NPC outfit changes, usually in existing saves. And yes, it happens to everyone, and that is because it is an engine issue. It is not a 'bug' in the mod per as such.
The issue will be never be 'fixed' by Bethesda or even USSEP, so we are stuck with it. Thankfully, it is not difficult to fix.
Read on......

Note: You will not experience this issue if starting a new game with Opulent Outfits-2018 installed. 
This issue can occur when you are installing or updating Opulent 2018 in EXISTING games (saves). 

It can occur anytime a mod introduces an outfit change in an existing game (save), to an NPC. 
This engine glitch can manifest itself in several ways. Such as:
-NPCs will be unclothed - This is the most common glitch users will notice. (How could you not!)
-Partly clothed (possibly missing shoes, or a hat or both from their assigned outfit.
-The NPC does have not their new opulent outfit at all, but is still wearing their default garb. This one can be a bit trickier to identify, because you may not know, or be aware the npc in question is supposed to have a different outfit to begin with. The only way to be 100% sure, is start a new game.

The good news is, it is easily fixed.

Fix: Open the console, Press ~  <target> the NPC, and type 'disable' , then,  'enable'. They will have their outfits back. 
There is no need to start a new game solely to fix this issue, the problem is easily corrected in existing games.

Issue: Opulent dresses not appearing for sale in Radiant Raiments or you find Opulent robes for sale in places the mod says you should not be able to, IE Falkreath.

You have another mod, or Bash Patch, below Opulents in your load order applying its own changes to either leveled lists and or merchant containers. Some of these mods may conflict with only a few of Opulents own changes, or possibly all of them. Unless there is a specific compatibility patch provided for the mod, like Morrowloot Ultimate, or you have created your own custom merge patch, OR mator smash, you may not see the intended results Opulent is going for.

Examples of mods that (could) override changes Opulents makes to merchants.
-Major gameplay overhaul mods. ie, Morrowloot Ultimate or similar mods which modify vanilla leveled and or merchant lists.
-Leveled List overhaul mods, ie Level Lists Rebalanced mod.
-Bash patches or Mator Smash (in event they fail to properly merge leveled lists and container lists, could happen).
-Mercantile mods
-Economy mods
-Weapons , armor or item mods that modify the same merchants Opulent does. 

Opulent Outfits leveled  list\container changes. (Important)

>While load order changes alone can often be used to address almost all mod conflicts, this is not sufficient to address conflicts where multiple mods modify vanilla leveled lists and merchant containers. Opulent alters the distribution of robes such that any other mod that also alters the same lists or merchants, will conflict. Vendor lists and leveled list changes have to be merged  in cases where 2 or more modified lists exist in order to see every mods items for sale and for items to appear in game the way all your mods have been configured to do. The mod LOWEST in your load order, determines what contents will appear, for sale at vendors and what leveled list(s) will apply. This is a more complex kind of conflict and is not as easy to resolve. 

Using Mator Smash
 or creating a custom merged patch using SSEedit is the only way to properly address this type of conflict.

Issue: 1st person arms show vanilla textures when equipping Maids and Merchant outfits.

The Maid outfits are simple texture replacers that utilize VANILLA meshes only. They lack specific 1st person arm meshes, or custom meshes of any kind.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to correct this with the current assets.

Other: (Non-bug), Misc issues.

-The Novice, Adept robes pattern is misaligned at the shoulder. The pattern does not 'line up' , and you can clearly see the seam where the textures are misaligned.
The expert and master robes use a different mesh, textures and do not have this issue.
Affects: Replacer + AIO

-There are no color matched sets of boots and hats for merchant outfit.  Merchants simply wear the vanilla merchant accessories.
Affects: AIO

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