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    Sacrosanct - Compatibility Notes

    Not all mods listed here are available for both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition. MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) requires SkyUI.

    Known compatibility list

    • Alternate Start - Live Another Life (ASLAL): Compatible. Starting as a vampire in ASLAL seems to make you a vanilla vampire instead of a Sacrosanct vampire, so avoid starting as a vampire (and perhaps give yourself the Potion of Embracing using the console to turn yourself into a Sacrosanct vampire instantly).
    • ASIS: Compatible. Add SCS_ to the [PerkExclusionsStartsWith] list in the ASIS Automatic Perks INI and the [SpellExclusionsStartsWith] list in the ASIS Automatic Spells INI.
    • Belua Sanguinare: Incompatible. Both mods modify the same content. Pick one or the other.
    • Better Vampires: Incompatible. Both mods modify the same content. A compatibility patch is available on the Better Vampires page (classic/SSE). Feature overlap: The compatibility patch removes most mortal form features from Sacrosanct (innate and racial abilities, Draining, unlocking blood magic, unlocking abilities by feeding, powers based on hunger stage) in favour of those from Better Vampires. Warning: The compatibility patch will break perks related to feeding (Psychic Vampire, Blood Bond, Lamae's Pyre).
    • DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance: Compatible. Load DVA above Sacrosanct.
    • Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim: Compatible.
    • Perkus Maximus (PerMa): Compatible. Patchus Maximus: Add Sacrosanct to the PaMa block list to prevent it from distributing unwanted spells and perks.
    • RaceCompatibility: Currently seems to prevent Sacrosanct scripts from working regardless of load order and regardless of whether the Sacrosanct patch is used (which seems to be outdated anyway). Here's a third party patch that may help (classic).
    • Skyrim Redone (SkyRe): Compatible. Load Sacrosanct below SkyRe.
    • Vampiric Thirst: Using both mods together is not recommended because they modify the same content in similar ways. Sacrosanct replaces Vampiric Thirst instead of adding to it.
    • Volkihar Knight - Vampire Armor: It's complicated. If Volkihar Knight is loaded before Sacrosanct, its sunlight immunity won't work. If it is loaded after Sacrosanct, it will override Sacrosanct's sunlight features, preventing the Argonian racial and the Daywalker ability from working. Also, there are reports that Volkihar Knight breaks Sacrosanct's vampire lord spells.

    Compatibility with other mods

    • Sacrosanct is compatible with mods that modify the -Vampire races, including vampire eye mods.
    • Sacrosanct is compatible with mods that add new races. Load them below Sacrosanct. Note that Skyrim only checks for each vanilla race when a player is turned into a vampire, so unless the race mod accounts for this by modifying the PlayerVampireQuest script, vampirism will not work with or without Sacrosanct.
    • Sacrosanct's Vampire powers and Hemomancy spells benefit from perks that buff Destruction, Conjuration or Illusion spells, including Apocalypse perks. Vampire Lord powers and spells do not, but have their own perk tree.
    • Sacrosanct should not be used alongside another vampire overhaul because both mods modify similar content. They may not directly conflict in TES5Edit, but the outcome is unpredictable and probably undesirable.