Skyrim Special Edition

Console is stuck open

  • If at any time WotV messes up and you get stuck with the console command open while in-game, you can just say "Console button" to simulate a press of the button, closing the console. If you've hidden you console using the ini edits below, you'll know its stuck if the world is frozen and you can move a mouse cursor across your screen.

Disable unused mod sections
  • If you're not using any of the supported mods and want to turn off the ability for VM to hear a name of one if their commands (cut down on the possible commands VM can trigger), click the group header for the mod you want to disable and press the spacebar. This will set the whole group to [Inactive], and those commands can no longer be activated with your voice.
WotV not recognizing voice well
  • First, its worth mentioning that VM will adapt to your speech patterns over time, but itf that isn't enough for you or you're having a hard time with it recognizing what you say right off the bat...
  • First, if you have an accent, go to the Windows settings window > Time and Language, click on Speech in the tabs on the left, and check the box for "Recognize non-native accents for this Language."
  • You should also check to make sure you have the Windows recogninzer engine for your accent installed. More can be downloaded here.
  • Search for "Speech" in your windows Start Menu and open "Windows Speech Recognition"
  • Right-click the bar that appears at the top of your screen and select "Start Speech Tutorial". Doing this will greatly improve the accuracy of your speech recognition and therefore your experience with Way of the Voice! 
  • If you're having issues with a specific word or phrase not being recognized or being misrecognized, right-click the bar and select Open the Speech Dictionary. Here you can specify your problem word and teach the system how you say it. You should tell it to always capitalize the word, or else VM might not trigger the command despite hearing the right word.
  • I recommend training through at least three sessions for maximum effectiveness. Once you do that, you can close the bar on top of your screen. 
  • Sometimes the trainer gets stuck, and just will not acknowledge that you've said what it wants you to. If you press pause and then resume it again with your voice, it should move on. Weird, I know.
  • Running both VoiceMacro and the Speech Recognition tool causes issues, so exit out of VoiceMacro while training. VM likes to hide in the taskbar, so check there to make sure it's really closed.

WotV recognizing words not in mod
  • Bump down the slider for "Dictionary Weight" in the "Recognizer Settings..." menu on the main VM window to around 15%, lower if you are having a hard time getting WotV to recognize some of the more.. interesting spell names. There are no downsides to going all the way to 1% if needed. Setting this to 0% will make every sound you make trigger something. Mine decided that my typing sounded enough like Detect Dead to trigger it every time.

WotV not sending any commands to Skyrim
  • For some users, commands are recognized but not sent to the Skyrim window properly unless you run VoiceMacro as Administrator. If you're having this issue, try that.
Forgot how to access settings or tutorial
  • If you need to access the Settings menu or the Tutorial again but forgot the key combo:
Access the Main Menu by pressing rCtrl+rShift+(Comma)
You can also open each section itself via voice commands
- "Open the Way of the Voice settings menu"
- "Open the Way of the Voice tutorial"
- "Open the load order configurator"

Warning about using fists
  • If you use the Favourite Fist method of unequipping your hands, keep in mind that you technically have a weapon drawn (your fists) and players in the world may act accordingly. If you're in VR and move your controller too fast too close to an NPC, you might find yourself in an accidental fistfight!
  • There is an option to use cheat commands, currently only God Mode. You can trigger this by saying "god mode on" and "god mode off." I used this for testing, but some of you might hate actually playing games and want to use it yourselves. Go for it.
  • Just kidding, there is also a "back breaker" command that will give you (virtually) unlimited carry weight, for those of you who think that being overencumbered is immersion-breaking. Made this into a command because you need to say it again every time you load a save.
  • Speaking of cheating, while the spellbook system is in place to keep you from accidentally equipping a spell you don't know in-game, which will give you that spell permanently if you cast it, there are no restrictions from using WotV to give yourself whatever spells and shouts you want. Note that this might break your game if you give yourself something you're not supposed to have or that triggers something in a quest somewhere, so do this at your own peril!
  • I'm open to other commands, just shoot me the ideas and I might add it!
Map listening toggle to a controller button
  • If you want to set up your WotV to only accept voice commands when you want, use OpenVR Input Emulator to remap a button on your controller to lShift+Pause. This is the key that toggles whether of not WotV is listening to you. I personally have the primary-hand menu button mapped to this (in virtual key code mode), as all of the menus you can access through that are set to voice commands anyway. You can still have the menu button function normally with a double-click or long-click if you want. Alternately, just use the "start listening" and "stop listening" voice commands.
- Note that this doesn not work if you are using the SteamVR Beta build.

Want to use multiple characters
  • If you want to start a secondary character, but don't want to erase your current character's spellbook, all of the variables that store your collective spellbook are in the Variables_s.xml file in your VM data folder. Simply rename this file to Variables_s_oldcharname.xml (or whatever you want) and WotV will make a new, blank spellbook for you the next time you run it. To restore this, just rename your backup file to Variables_s.xml and reboot VM, viola!

Reset spellbook
  • If you want to reset your spellbook outright, the hotkey lShift+lCtrl+F1 will do this from the main VM window. WARNING: this is permanent!

Hide console window
  • If your setup is up and running smoothly, and you feel like making the console window go away for minimal visual interjection while using WotV, download Bilago's Skyrim VR Configuration Tool and modify the following settings:
iCjavascript-event-stripped .000001
iCjavascript-event-stripped .000001
rCjavascript-event-stripped 0,200,9
rCjavascript-event-stripped 0,255,12

- If you want to change these back for whatever reason, the defaults are 20, 40, (153,153,153) and (255,255,255) respectively. Or you can just delete the lines from your ini, whatever's easiest.

Mod-added stuff isn't working
  • If you're reading this trying to figure out why your mod-added spells aren't working properly, check again to make sure your Load Order settings are correct. They can be finicky and need to be re-set any time you update the profile (when I release updates) or your load order changes (you add or remove mods)

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