Skyrim Special Edition

Welcome to the Way of the Voice tutorial!

In this tutorial:
Anything in [square brackets] means you can say any of the options inside and get the same result.
Anything in <carats> can be omitted and still activate the same command.

In Way of the Voice (WotV), your voice is the key to EVERYTHING.
While running, WotV listens for your commands and executes them automatically.
However, if at any time you want it to stop listening, simply say 
- "Stop listening",
- "Stop listening for a minute", or
- "Stop listening for 5 minutes"
To make it listen again, say
- "Start listening" or 
- "Listen to me"

Every time you start it up, WotV will automatically stop listening to allow you to get into your game without accidentally triggering a command.

Your "spellbook" is stored separately from your in-game spellbook, so when you learn a new spell (or shout) that you want to be able to equip with your voice, just say 
- "I just learned a <new> [spell/shout]" or
- "Unlock a [spell/shout]"
I will then ask you which one you just learned and record it in your spellbook.
You may also unlock commands with a single command by saying:
- "Add (Name) to my [spellbook/shouts/powers]"
- "Unlock the (Name) [spell/shout/power]"
If you want to unlock a bunch of spells/shouts at once, say
- "I need to erase things to my spellbook"

Removing a spell/shout from your spellbook is just as easy, say 
- "[Erase/Forget/Unlearn] a [spell/shout]"
WotV will then ask you which one you mean, and erase it!
You may also forget commands with a single command by saying:
- "Erase (Name) from my [spellbook/shouts/powers]"
- "Remove (Name) from my [spellbook/shouts/powers]"
- "Lock the (Name) [spell/shout/power]"
If you want to unlock a bunch of spells/shouts at once, say
- "I need to erase things from my spellbook"

To equip a spell or shout that you have unlocked in your spellbook, just say the name of the spell/shout and WotV will equip it!
If you want to specify which hand to equip your spell to, you can say ANY phrase including  "left", "right", "dual", or "both" before OR after the name of the spell!
     For example: 
- "Healing left"    
- "Flames in both hands"                               
- "Right hand sparks"                    
- "Set left hand to Fury"
- "Dual Flame Atronach" 
- "Invisibility on right hand"      

Note: Saying only the name of the spell will equip it to the default hand you chose during setup.
Tip: Conjuration spells work both with and without the "Conjure" or "Summon" keywords

WotV also allows for quick voice commands to access many game menus:
 - "[Show/Open/I should check] <[My/The]>" +  one of  the following: 
Inventory, Bag, Magic Menu, Spellbook, Map, Quest Log, Journal, Skills Menu, Perks Menu, or Pause Menu

There are also "immersive" commands as well:
- "Do I have that spell?" - Magic menu
- "Where am I?" - Map
- "I think I'm lost" - Map
- "Pause the game" - Pause
- "I'm starting to feel stronger" - Perks menu
- "What's in my inventory?" - Inventory
- What's in my bag?" - Inventory
- What have I got in my pocket?" - Inventory
- "I need to wait" - Wait menu
- "I'll come back later" - Wait menu
- It sure is dark in here" - Equip a torch

While weapons and armor switching is currently beyond the scope of WotV, it does allow for easy-access torch equipping for those dank dark caves.
Available commands are
- "Torch",
- "I need a torch",
- "{Un}Equip [a/my] torch", and 
- "Put away my torch"
Note: Torches must be unequipped when you're done with them, or else the next time you want one you'll have to issue the command TWICE. This is a game limitation.

WotV also supports commands for "Quick Save" and "Quick Load", saving you precious time fiddling with the menus! If you like to use autosaves, "Auto Save" is also available!

To gain proper support for mod-added spells and shouts, you NEED to run the Load Order Configurator! 
To access it after your initial setup, use the Main Menu or say "Open the load order configurator."

That about finishes up this tutorial!
If you have more questions or run into any problems, consult the Installation and Configuration article!
If you ever want to see this tutorial offline, open the Main Menu by pressing rCtrl+rShift+(Comma) from the main VoiceMacro window, or say "Open the Way of the Voice tutorial"

Happy Gaming!

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