Skyrim Special Edition

If you like pictures, there is a simpler install guide here.
It's not as in-depth however so come back here if you need more info.

- Download and install VoiceMacro (VM), this is the program by which all of this is possible! Download and install the latest test build instead of the public release. The author of VM has graciously added features to his program specifically because I asked for them, super nice guy. WotV will NOT function properly on 1.2.6, you must have the test build. If you're updating WotV, go see if you need to update VM too!
- I recommend fully uninstalling the public build of VM and just run the test build from a folder wherever you feel like extracting it. The only place it cannot be is in Program Files. Mine runs from the desktop.
- If you are updating from 1.2.6, DO NOT simply overwrite the old files with the new ones. Fully uninstall VoiceMacro and then run the test build from an unpacked folder.

- Download the mod file and install through your mod manager of choice.
- If your mod manager uses virtual folders to install mods (NMM, MO2, and Vortex) manually copy the files from where your manager stores the mod files to your "Skyrim {VR/Special Edition}/data/" folder. Because VoiceMacro is not Skyrim itself, the files must physically be present in your Skyrim data folder for WotV to function properly.

- Run VoiceMacro as Administrator

- Click the Edit... button in the main VM window, then the Import button at the bottom of the window that appears.
- Select the Way of the Voice .xml file from the Skyrim data folder (where you copied it to), then hit the Open button, followed by the Save button in the Profiles and macros window. 
- If you're upgrading from a previous version, remember to delete the old version from your VM. Hit the Edit button in the Profiles section of the Profiles and macros window. select your old version, and hit Delete.

- A dialog box should then pop up beginning the setup and tutorial process. If it does not, press rCtrl+rAlt+rShift+?(Question mark) (I didn't want it to be something you might press accidentally)

  • All information on how to use Way of the Voice is given during this, so I highly recommend you read through the whole tutorial. The tutorial can also be found online here.
  • Even if you are updating from a previous version of WotV, go through the setup and read the tutorial to see what has changed! Since this is a brand new file, you will need to set up your personal changes again. Your spellbook remains unchanged, you DO NOT need to unlock spells that you've already unlocked.

- If your console activate button (the one above Tab) is not ~, click the Edit... button, then double-click the Console Button entry (the very topmost one), double click the Keyboard entry in the Edit macro window that appears containing "Key: OEM_3 (~ `)", and press the button that triggers the console on your keyboard. Click Ok until you're back at the Profiles and macros window.

- As of v1.2, load order slots are handled by variables that you set during setup. If you need to change them, the Load Order window can be access from the Main Menu by pressing rCtrl+rShift+(Comma) or saying "Open the load order configurator."

- Note that the actual position for DLC may be different from what your mod manager says sometimes, for some weird reason. The best practice is to accurately find the plugin positions in-game. Once you're loaded into a game save, press the console button (the button above your Tab button) and enter the following commands (what's within the quotes, but without the quotes) to find the accurate load order position for each one:
- Dawnguard - "help arvak 0" - note the first two characters on the SPEL entry for "Summon Arvak", press PageUp until you see it
- Dragonborn - "help seeker 0" - note the first two characters on the SPEL entry for "Conjure Seeker", press PageUp until you see it
- Apocalypse - "help longstride 0"
- Thunderchild - "help earthquake 0"
- Imperious - "help contingency 0"
- Translocate - "help recall 0"
- Bound Tools - "help "bound pickaxe" 0"
- Favourite Fist - "help unequip 0"

- To enable Dragonborn Speak Naturally's console-less command entry system, you must enable it in your Active Mods list from the Load Order configurator.

- Once you're done, that's about all you need to do to get Way of the Voice up and running! Boot up your game (if its not already), tell WotV to start listening, and go explore Skyrim!
- As of v1.1, WotV is set to stop listening on startup by default so you don't accidentally trigger anything while getting into your game. To start, tell it to "start listening."

For more info regarding WotV, see the Tips and Tricks article. You should really read it if you want to have a good experience with this mod :)
And please, please, do not hesitate to report bugs, post ideas, or (if you're brave) add mod support. I want to make this as comprehensive as I can!

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