Skyrim Special Edition

Scoped Bows SE

This is an Extension to the "Compatibility and Issues" section in the description. I highly recommend to read the description.


When starting the game (right after the bethesda logo):
Crashes like that happen if you are missing a masterfile. This happens either after installing a mod that depends on official DLC's or other mods that you don't have, or if you messed up your loadorder (masterfiles always need to be above the mods depending on them! ).

Fix: Get SSEEdit and follow the instructions in this video: Skyrim Crash on Startup FIX. Use Loot to optimize your loadorder.
(Gopher is using "TES5Edit" and Skyrim 2011 in the video. Don't worry, the process is the same with "SSEEdit" and Skyrim Special Edition.)

When scrolling through in-game inventories:
In most cases crashes like that are performance related. If your pc is capably to run vanilla skyrim on ultra settings you shouldn't have any problems using this mod.

Fix: Make sure you have a decent gaming rig and use the latest version of scoped bows.

Invisible Bows:

If the bows are invisible that means the mod is not correctly installed. To be precise: The game loads the .esp but fails to load the meshes and textures of the bows because they are either misplaced (inside the wrong folders) or completely missing.

Fix: Make sure Scoped Bows is correctly installed. (Use a mod manager to install Scoped Bows! )

Displaced Sights:

Scoped Bows are tweaked to work with vanilla animations and skeleton. Some mods that change 1stperson skeleton, 1stperson animations or 1stperson camera can interfere with the alignment of the sights, which makes them unusable.

Fix: Uninstall conflicting mods.

Black Face Bug:

Scoped Bows adds scoped bows to the inventory of some npc's (like Aela for example). Thogether with mods that alter the appearence of those npc's and a bad loadorder this can cause the infamous black face bug.

Fix: Load Scoped Bows above any mods that change the appearence of npc's.

Small Sights:

The sights are designed to work with the default Field Of View value. The higher the value the smaller (further away) the sights appear!

Fix: Play with the default FOV value. Or, if you insist to increase it, find the compromise that works best for you. Also don't forget to get the eagle eye perk ingame. It gives you zoom which also gets you closer behind the scope when zooming.

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