Opulent Outfits - Outfit Fix details

Introduced v1.6

A long standing issue existed in both the original OMoW mod AND Vanilla\USLEEP. A number of mage NPCs, were given robes(outfits) that matched neither their class, or spell packages. All Opulent Outfit-2018 NPCs outfits have now been matched to (better) reflect the casters abilities. The new mastery outfits (v3.6) are assigned for cases where classes are rather poorly defined, as well as for greater variety. DLC casters are not given Opulent Outfits, they wear their local garb. 
The opulent outfits, are assumed to be generally available on Tamriel, and not, in remote outlying locations like Solstheim.

Opulents has also overhauled and modernized the outfit assignments themselves. They are more consistent and uniform. Casters outfits come in various configs, from novice to master, rank V. A casters outfit is governed by the level of TRAINER they are. Colette for example, is the games master restoration caster, true. However, she is actually an EXPERT level trainer. Thus, she wears an EXPERT level robe, and not a masters robe. Phinis is again, technically, a master conjurer, but, he is an expert trainer. Failon otoh, actually IS a master conjurer(and trainer), and is dressed as one.

IoW, in opulents, to be granted the privilege of wearing a Masters robes, you must be able to pass your knowledge down at a masters levels. Seems reasonable enough.

All court wizards are (assumed) to be at least Expert Level casters(not masters), though the game never really establishes their specific ranks and or expertise in any real way. An exception is Wuunferth, who despite his advanced age, the game establishes he is of the adept rank. 


Detailed changes made by Opulents. NPC, Class, Source of error. 
None = no change. Settings same as vanilla.

-Aicantar: CONJ (OMoW)

-Arniel Gane\Shade: CONJ (OMoW\Van\USLEEP). He was dressed as an ALT caster, despite USLEEP  classing him as a 'Conjurer'.  This pair is kind of messed up. The live version, really has no CONJ spells, but is set as one in USSEP.  The shade, is actually set as a combat sorcerer and has spells to match (not a conjurer at all).  

-Brelyna: CONJ (VAN\USSEP) Despite her clearly stating she is studying to be a conjurer, she is assigned DEST gear.

-Calcelmo: CONJ (OMoW) The original mod, incorrectly assigned him a mismatched outfit, though vanilla and USSEP correctly outfit him as a conjurer.

-Collette: REST (None)

-Dravynea the Stoneweaver: ALT (Van\USSEP). She gets proper Alteration Expert robes. Though, tbh, she is maybe, a little over-dressed for her job at the mine. Which is regulating the temperature inside for the miners. True fact.

-Drevis Neloren: ILLUS (None)

-Enthir: Mastery2 (VAN\USLEEP) Enthir has no Illusion spells or ability, nor is he classed as Illusion. Technically he's a sorcerer with DEST spells and perks. 

-Falion: CONJ (None)

-Faralda: DEST (None)

-Farengar: DEST (None)

-Zjargo: DEST (OMoW\Van\USLEEP) He has no Conj spells besides soul trap*, useless for NPCs in any event. 
*This spell was removed from this npc in v1.2

-Madena: DEST (None)

-Melaran: Mastery (None). As of USLEEP 3.0.6, he finally has a spell package.

-Mirabelle: Mastery4 (None) Technically she's a DEST wizard, but given her role as an administrator, Mastery is a more appropriate and less aggressive outfit.

-Nelacar: CONJ (Skyrim\OMoW) DEST, ALT or CONJ are all valid choices. As Quest-giver for the Azura's Star Quest line, he's been assigned CONJ robes. Like Enthir, the choice of an Illusion outfit is clearly wrong. He has ZERO illusion spells or abilities either. He does however, have plenty of DEST\CONJ and ALT spells. Go figure.

-Onmund: DEST (Van\USLEEP) Another case of assigning a DEST wizard ALT gear.

-Phinis: CONJ (None)

-Sergious: Mastery (Opulent). Serigious is an Expert? level enchanter. However, enchanting is a perk in Skyrim, not a school of magic, thus, mastery robes.

-Sybille Stentor: DEST (None)

-Tolfdir: ALT (None)

-Urag: Mastery (Skyrim\OMoW). Urag's area of expertise is ill-defined. In fact, he is a combat sorcerer with a very limited spell set. So, mastery.

-Wuunferth: Mastery (OMoW). 

-Wylandriah: Mastery (OMoW). ALT-CONJ-DEST would all be valid choices, Mastery was deemed the best overall choice since she has a broad set of skills.

Immersive College of Winterhold Patch and Opulent Outfits fixes.

ICoW SSE utilize the exact same outfits assignments as OMoW. 

Other Notes 

Opulent Maid and Merchant Dresses.

There are 5 distinct styles of dress in AIO. The following are general criteria for who gets what.

Merchant dress. This is a high quality dress, reserved for high(er) end merchants. Some Khajitt merchants may be found wearing these.
Type 1 Dress. This is the high-end entertainer dress, usually reserved for Bards College or higher end singers in the major cities. Also used for the wedding dress.
Type 2 Dress. This is the mid-range dress, often worn by middle-tier merchants or innkeepers, or possibly their employees.
Type 3 Dress. This dress is generally reserved for actual maids and servants for either the nobility or upper tier establishments. 
Type 4 Dress. This dress is meant for barkeeps and maids at mid and lower tier establishments. Owners might purchase these dresses for their employees to add color, and to help boost the status and appeal of their establishments.

Just because an NPC is a vendor or merchant, they will not atomically be given an Opulent dress. Some are simply too poor, or work in remote locations where flashy clothes are either not available, or are un-affordable and or not really appropriate to the situation.
Helga's bunkhouse would be a good example where the owner, would not deem it worthwhile to spend extra money on fancier clothes for herself or her niece.

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