Skyrim Special Edition

This is a quick guide for patching appearance mods in under 5 mins.  Screenshots under the spoilers!  Please post a comment if you have questions.

If you are upgrading from version 1: You can keep using your existing patch!  You just need to copy over some new records from Serana Spell Selector.esp and delete her ice spear default spell.

1) Open up Serana Spell Selector.esp and your appearance mod in SSEEdit


2) Once the background loader finishes, navigate in the left pane to Serana Appearance Mod.esp > Non-Player Character (Actor) > DLC1Serana
Right-click on this record and select "Copy as override into..." and create a new .esp when prompted.

4) Look now in the right pane.  You will see the changes each plugin makes to Serana's NPC record.  The columns with your appearance mod and your new patch will look identical.  Now, you want to copy my changes into the column for your new patch.  The conflicts should be easy to spot, but I will list them here.

Under Properties:
Click and drag the seven conflicts (ConjureBoneman, ConjureGargoyle, ConjureMistman, ConjureWrathman, IceSpikeVanilla, IcySpearRightHand, ThunderboltRightHand) from the Serana Spell Selector column into the column for your new patch.  This will prompt you to add Serana Spell Selector.esp as a master.  Click "yes".

Under Actor Effects:
In your new patch column, right-click > Remove DLC1SeranaDrain02, DLC1RaiseZombieRightHand, and IceSpikeRightHand

Under Perks:
In your new patch column, right-click > Remove Necromancy

Now close out of SSEEdit and save your patch plugin!  You should not need to regenerate FaceGen data.
Load your new patch after Serana Spell Selector.esp and your appearance mod.

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  1. Lexmax
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    Adding a little tutorial like this is just awesome. So helpful thank you Vaelka
  2. drunkenkhiin
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    I can't drag between the collumns
    1. Zarenboug
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      you have to drag the tile just above