Skyrim Special Edition

In case you want to create your own Tree LODs you can find the procedures below. If you are already comfy with generating your own LODs you probably will not learn anything new. The procedures focus on generating tree LODs only. If you want to you can run object LOD creation at the same time, of course, with the settings of your liking. See DynDOLOD FAQ/Docs for more info.

For any specific problems with these tools please visit their respective support page. We can only provide support specific to EVT and not general support on LOD creation.


  1. Download and install the beta version of xLODGen. (Nexus version will result in tiny LOD trees so don't use it!)
  2. Install Enhanced Vanilla Trees (let it overwrite files)
  3. Start SSELODGen
  4. Make sure 'Tree LODs' is checked (leave 'Object LODs' unchecked if you want to create tree LODs only)
  5. Select the world spaces for which you want to create new tree LODs
  6. Select the brightness for your tree LODs
  7. Click on Generate and Wait
  8. Install the output with your mod manager and active it.
  9. Sort your load order and play the game!

Using DynDOLOD is the recommended option for generation LODs because it provides extra features on top of SSELODGen, such as custom textures from your mod list, FX Glow lights, Window glow, and more. However, it a more involved process:

Generating 2D Trees with DynDOLOD
  1. Download DynDLOD the latest Resources SE files.
  2. Extract DynDOLOD to the location you keep the rest of your modding tools.
  3. If needed, add DynDOLODx64.exe and TexGenx64.exe to your mod manager's executables.
  4. Add the -SSE argument to the excutables above so they will run for Skyrim SE.
  5. Install DynDOLOD Resources SE with your mod manager, selecting the options of your choice.
  6. Ensure the new mod listing is activate in your mod manager and is the last mod in your mod list.
  7. Install Enhanced Vanilla Trees, if not already, choosing the Billboards option. (let it overwrite DynDOLOD Resources SE files)
  8. Run TexGen tool, keeping the defaults.
  9. Install the TexGen output files into a new mod with your mod manager and active it; place it last in the mod list.
  10. Run DynDOLOD tool.
  11. Most users can keep the defaults here, select the worldspaces to run (usually all of them), and simply click a preset. Advanced users can click the wizard to have access to generator only specific things or include additional features like Candles, FX Glow Lights, and Windows.
  12. Once DynDOLD finishes, Save and Exit, and install the output to a new mod using your mod manager.
  13. Active the new mod and sort your load order.
  14. Play the game!

Generating 3D Hybrid
  1. Follow steps 1 through 9 above, then run here.
  2. In the DynDOLOD installation folder open DynDOLOD_SSE.ini (..\DynDOLOD\EditScripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_SSE.ini), and set 'TreeLODs=0'
  3. Run DynDOLOD.
  4. 'Generate LOD Tree' should be grayed out of you did step 2 correctly.
  5. Select the world spaces you want to generate 3D Tree LODs for.
  6. Select the brightness for the Tree LODs, if desired.
  7. Ensure "Generate Static LOD" is checked.
  8. Select any other additional features desired and click the High preset button.
  9. Click on OK and wait for it finish running.
  10. Once the completed message has appeared, click Save & Exit.
  11. Navigate to the DynDOLOD installation folder.
  12. Copy or cut the files from the DynDOLOD_Output folder.
  13. Install the files with your mod manager and active it.
  14. Ensure the DynDOLOD esm and esp files are active.
  15. Sort with LOOT.
  16. Ensure DynDOLOD.esp is the last plugin in the load order.
  17. Play the game!

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    Followed the DynDOLOD one and game always crashes. Uninstalled the output files made my game work again. So it doesn't work. I did 100% what you said.
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      Dig hole, put your PC in hole, water occasionally, harvest potatoes in 3-4 months.
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