Before using a compatibility patch, make sure it supports the latest version of this mod. Using an outdated compatibility patch may cause issues.

Known compatibility list

  • ASIS: Compatible. ASIS Increased Spawns will incorrectly affect summoning enchantments unless you follow these instructions.
  • Animated Weapon Enchants: Redundant. This feature is already in Summermyst.
  • Armor Rating Redux: Version 1.2.0 and later is compatible.
  • Classic Elder Scrolls Attributes: Incompatible. Uses the same actor values.
  • Crazylion's weapon sets: Third party compatibility patch available (classic).
  • Enchanting Awakened: Incompatible. Due to the completely different way enchantments work in Enchanting Awakened, it is not compatible with Summermyst. Both mods can be active at the same time, but the enchantment limits in Enchanting Awakened do not apply to Summermyst enchantments.
  • Immersive Armors: Compatible.
  • Immersive Weapons: Some assembly required. Both mods modify levelled lists, so try making a bashed patch to combine the changes.
  • Loot and Degradation: Third party compatibility patch available (classic). The patch is not strictly necessary and SSE users can make do without.
  • Lootification: Compatible.
  • Morrowloot Ultimate: Compatibility patch available on the Morrowloot Ultimate page (SSE), third party compatibility patch available (classic).
  • No Enchantment Restrictions: Compatible.
  • Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim: Compatible.
  • Perkus Maximus (PerMa): Unsupported. While you can modify the PaMa patcher to support Summermyst (and disable the included copy of Wintermyst), it will take effort and PerMa is designed to work with Wintermyst.
  • Requiem: Technically yes. While Summermyst can be loaded below Requiem and will work without issues, Summermyst may not match the design vision of Requiem. The predecessor of Summermyst, Wintermyst, has a third party compatibility patch that adjusts the mod to match Requiem's vision.
  • See Enchantments: Compatible. Load See Enchantments below Summermyst.
  • Skyrim Redone (SkyRe): Incompatible. SkyRe heavily modifies levelled lists.
  • USLEEP/USSEP: Compatible. Some bugs were fixed differently in USLEEP/USSEP and Summermyst, so not all fixes were copied verbatim.
  • VIS (Valdacil's Item Sorting): Third party compatibility patch available here.
  • Weapon & Armor Fixes Redone (WAFR): Compatible. Load Summermyst after WAFR to prevent WAFR from overriding levelled lists (WAFR fixes bugs in those lists, but so does Summermyst and it expands the lists with new items). True Weapons: The True Weapons addon for WAFR requires a separate compatibility patch (classic).
  • Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim: Incompatible. Both mods modify the same content. Pick one or the other.
  • Worlds Dawn: Incompatible. Getting rid of the SKSE requirement means repurposing a lot more unused actor values and Worlds Dawn uses many of the same actor values, creating a conflict. The predecessor of Summermyst, Wintermyst, is compatible.

Compatibility with other mods

  • Summermyst is compatible with mods that modify vanilla enchantments, if Summermyst is loaded first.
  • Summermyst is compatible with mods that manually place items in the world.
  • Summermyst is compatible with mods that modify vanilla enchantment shaders, if Summermyst is loaded first.
  • Summermyst is compatible with mods that use a script to add items to levelled lists at runtime (Immersive Armors, Apocalypse, etc).
  • Summermyst modifies a large numer of levelled lists and will conflict with mods that modify the same levelled lists (= mods that add weapons and armor as random loot and do not use a script to do so). Try loading the smaller mod last or making a bashed patch to combine the changes.
  • Summermyst repurposes many unused actor values and will conflict with other mods that do the same. See the Readme for a list of unused actor values repurposed by Summermyst.

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