Skyrim Special Edition

How to make Havok Fix compatible with RivaTuner Statistics Server

First, make sure that RTSS is closed.
WARNING: If you're running it alongside MSI Afterburner, make sure that both are closed.

Then, go to the installation folder (usually Program Files (x86)\Rivatuner Statistics Server), then into the ProfileTemplates folder.
Copy the Global file into the Profiles folder. Overwrite when asked.
Then, open it up with Notepad++ or any other text editor.
Find the line InjectionDelayTriggers and add to the end of it:


Like this:

After that, save it.
That's it. You can reopen RTSS (and Afterburner if you use it).

WARNING: You might need to reconfigure your overlay, as we're overwriting the old file with the new one.

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