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  • The Tools of Kagrenac - Traducao PT-BR

    Tradução do Mod para o Português Brasileiro....

  • Dragon speak introduction cheat sheet.

    If you're having problems remembering the dragon language lines that you have to speak to Malafax this will help. Just remember 3, 2, 1.

    Dialogue choices in order
    3 Ahnok, Zu'u los Dovahkiin.
    2 Zu'u los gein wo hel hin fron stin nol sonaak.
    1 Nii los zin. Zu'u hind hi ahrk hin fron pruzah.



    You know something of Tosh'Aka yes? Come sit with Khajiit let him tell this kitten a story few know...

    I am Qi'am The Truthful so your ears know I cannot decieve... That is my brother M'aiq you would be looking for to tell you lies, no?

    When misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world

    When the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped

    When the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles

    When the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls

    When the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding

    The World-Eater wakes, and the Wheel turns upon the Last Dragonborn.

  • A Festive Christmas - SSE

    Converted by JoeB1961 from Absinthe's mod for original Skyrim...

  • Kela Poison Project

    Kela Poison Project /Improved weapon poisoning 1.1
    Extension of the weapon poisoning system in the game Skyrim SE.

    Mod is translated by me, but I do not know English well.
    If you find inaccuracies, then let me know.

    What the mod does:
    1. Adds the number of poison attacks to the dependence on the level of alchemy, possession of weapons, luck. It is possible to leave a standard poisoning system.
    2. Removes dialogues of weapons poisoning.
    3. Introduces support for poisoning left and right weapons on the gamepad and mouse.
    4. Add a solvent to flush the poison from the weapon. When the ...

  • Removed Progression Colours

    Due to a conflict of interest with the creator of Daedric Glow Sets SSE, the weapons will no longer change colour as the number of kills you make with them increases.
    My apologies....

  • Notes about stats and stuff

    This is what the Lite version contains, as well as some of the things I've omitted from the description:

    - Increases Bound Weapon critical damage, but only to the point where you can actually tell a crit apart from a hit.
    - Makes the weapons count as Daedric material, which allows the Battleaxe to get bleeding damage from perks.
    - Summoning Bound Weapons costs 4-6% less Magicka.
    - Reduces the weight of Bound Arrows from 0.1 to 0.
    - Reduces Bound Dagger's detection level to "Silent".
    - Adds Spell Tome: Bound Dagger to the Novice Conjuration spell tome lists, so it can be found in all of Skyrim.
    - Removes the annoying high-pitched sound from summoning bound weapons, making it more quiet and pleasing.

    Mystic Weapon damage is equal t...

  • Erm...OK

    Any issues please let me know because i'm an absolute novice at this....

  • Permissions and Credits

    These are the permissions and credits I have obtained for work I will be using in this mod.
    Please endorse these authors and their great work which makes ADGTS possible.

    MURPHEY (model and texture) by KEEPEROFMAGICKS

    Dwemer Dog (model and texture) by IAMTHECUREFORAIDS

    TW3 monsters and animals resource pack by LORSAKYAMUNI

    Housecats by Mihailmods


  • Changing Mirai's body mesh and textures.

    I keep getting asked where to put replacement body meshes and textures. So here goes:

    Meshes go in 

    Textures go in

  • What I'm Working on...

    My mutts
    Bruce-boxerpit m
    Thor-staffy m
    Pongo-pitty m

    Names and general order of what I'm working on:

    Misty f/done
    Martin-beagle m /done
    Merlin white standard poodle & Toby silver toy poodle /wip
    lucy-german shep f /done
    Bailie-white staffy F /waiting for models
    Casper-black cat M /wip
    Holly-Anatolian Shepard F /wip
    Sweetie-Black n white spanial F /done
    Gus-jack russel M  & Grey cat F /wip

    NAME CHANGE... coming soon since it's only fair that I include other pets...
    Importing modders resources
    gaining permissions
    uploading new models and textures for your pet/pets...

  • Three beds

    Three beds...

  • Three beds

    Three beds...

  • Your Article

    Ya got summfin' ta say?...

  • Missives Optional Patch Details

    Missives is compatible with my mod without a patch. However, because I think it complements my mod well, I decided to make an optional patch to make Missives rewards more coherent with bounties and job rewards from my mod.
    Here is what this patch does:

    - Completing gather and deliver quests will give you Speech experience the same way jobs gives you experience with my mod. The amount will depend from the gold reward and the multiplier in my mod MCM, in the "Jobs" category.

    - Kill and retrieve quests gold rewards are leveled the same way bounties are leveled with my mod. The base amount is set in Missives MCM, the maximum multiplier is the one in my mod MCM, in the "Bounties" category.

    - Completing kill and retrieve quests will give you Speech ex...

  • Shift in Design for OMEGA

    Rebuilding my own mod setup for Lexy LOTD showed me some options that I had not considered before.  In addition to that OMEGA has suffered through some serious issues behind the scenes on my side dealing with updates as well.  Added in with other issues with new patches/changes and I've decided to change the design philosophy behind OMEGA.

    Some of you will be pissed.  Sorry about that, but them's the breaks.  I'm moving into a state where I dread having to get on and edit anything for OMEGA.  This feeling is growing, not dwindling.  So the best possible move that I can make for the end user is to bring OMEGA into a new design that will require the least amount of upkeep, management, and aggravation.

    OMEGA SR will no longer be supported.  It will continue to e...

  • Translation suggestions

    Если есть предложения или исправления по переводу - пишите, буду вносить по мере поступления....

  • CBBE SuperSexy Enhanced preset

    CBBE  SuperSexy Enhanced preset...

  • Kela SE VanillaReplacerArmor

    На настоящий момент переделана почти вся броня, за исключением брони из дополнений.
    Броня стражников, имперцев, братьев бури и эльфов идёт с esp-плагинами.
    Поддерживается физика, у меня работает и с CBP Physics, и с HDT SPM Physics. Если физика у вас не установлена, то ничего страшного, просто не будет колыханий.
    Сапоги на каблуках с поддержкой RaceMenu High Heels, но возможно всё будет работать просто при установленном SKSE и Racemenu, потому что я пробов...

  • Pictures

    Uploaded pitcures of some!!!...