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  • Mr.Fireball

    Mr.Fireball is the Destruction Master
    He can be found in The Bannered Mare in Whiterun...

  • 1.98 Changelog and Prep for v2.0 Description Page

    You can see my thoughts on why I made these changes here.

    OMEGA MLU Lite
    Requirements: Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Hearthfires, USSEP
    Included in: OMEGA MLU Complete, SJ's OMEGA
    Load Order: Needs to load as low as possible in your Load Order
    LOOT: Do not change the Metadata setting to "Late Loaders" as some mods like Realistic Water Two still need to load after MLU.esp
    Only 1 ESP

    A standalone mod, or modpack, that uses the "MLU.esp" name so that it's compatible with all MLU Patches.

    Includes MorrowLoot Ultimate, so you no longer need that mod.
    Includes Mortal Enemies, so you no longer need that mod.
    Includes the recommended Weapon AF changes to MLU by chocolatenoodle, so you no longer...

  • Current Thoughts on OMEGA

    I have not had a lot of time to dig into OMEGA to find inconsistencies and issues.  And I doubt I will make time to do this as this is painstaking and boring as fuck.  So I'm relying on you guys to point things out like the CWRewards or the Brotherhood Initiates having Ebony daggers.  If you're finding Glass/Ebony+ items out there in the world where it seems really weird for it to be there, tell me about it.

    I just messed with Merged Plugins for the first time in order to make my OMEGA Heavy Armory version.  It looks like it works with no issues. Assuming it doesn't run into any problems I am going to look into making several of my mods for the OMEGA series merged into AIO's for everyone.  I highly suggest you test it out and report any problems, if any, before I move on t...

  • Invisible Armor SE --- Auch als deutsche Version


    This is baically a Remake of my old Mod "unsichtbare Ruestung" for Morrowind, made in 2007:

    Okay, Balmora (where I stashed that one) seems to be covered by vulcanic debris, so you have to craft your new armors yourself.
    Useful for everybody who needs additional protection but for some reason isn't totally satisfied with for example the excellent BOUND DAEDRIC ARMOR made by sagittarius22.
    I really love that armor, but it's not really fitting my actual sneaky character.
    Besides that it has game engine related issues, like invisible eyes with vanilla eyemeshes (solved by...

  • Encounter Zone (Update)


    The 1.2.7 update lowered several important 'starter' zones level spread, that were set rather higher than was reasonable, or intended. 

    For a major change like an EZ overhaul, it is probably best to start a *new game*, so the game applies all these new settings properly and fully from the start. Results may be mixed in existing saves. 

    This file is a heavily modified version of PermaZONES - Dangerous Encounter Zones for Skyrim by TenderHoligan.  It is not 100% identical to either Perma-Zones or Tenderholigans mod. Many of its settings are specific to this file.
    It is designed to enhance MLU and restore late game challenge. If combined with difficulty mods, this particular file should provide a challenging and rewarding S...

  • Compatibility

    YASH2 is compatible with just about everything out of the box. Mods that either alter vanilla humanoid Race records or add new humanoid races require a compatibility patch though. If you are unsure how another mod will work alongside YASH post a comment, I'll have a look and if necessary I'll provide a compatibility patch.

    Tested mods

    The following mods have been either tested by users request or out of curiosity. They have been tested with tools and to some extents in-game as well. Their presence in this section doesn't mean I personally recommend or oppose their use, either alone or alongside YASH. I'm neutral. Your call. If I stumble upon issues I may add proper notes though. Does not mean that the mod is safe to use if there aren't any, I may not have noti...

  • How to port widget mod

    If you want to use the Widget mod version on SE you need to download Widget Mod from LE and conver it

    This is a simple guide I made, porting this mod doesn't take more than 10 minutes.
    This also works for the Souls Quick Menu mod if you want to use the custom texture from optionals.

  • Using Hunterborn Creature Patcher

    So you dont like using the Taxonomy spell on all the new creatures added by other mods. Me either.

    Thats where the Hunterborn Creature Patcher comes in.

    Your going to need zEdit installed, and the patcher extracted to the modules folder in the zEdit folder.

    Run zEdit.
    Right click and select Manage Patchers (Ctrl+Shift+P).

    Now select Hunterborn Creature Patcher and then Click Find Creatures

    After it goes through all your creatures, you will be able to select the appropriate type of creature it is.
    If you dont see one that matches, then select skip. Right now, it only works with the default creature types.

    When your done, click the X and then right click your scripts again and selec...

  • Cleaning your scripts with FallrimTools

    First thing your going to want to do is download and endorse FallrimTools

    Extract the file somewhere and run Resaver.exe

    You will get a window with your saves in it.
    Select the latest one (Sort by Date Modified).

    Now, select from the clean menu, Remove unattached instances (ctrl+1) and Remove undefined elements (ctrl+2)

    Now in the top left box type "_ds_", this will show you all of hunterborn scripts. Right Click Scripts and then delete.

    Save your game as a different name under File and Save As.
    Load your game, open the console (~ key to the left of the 1 key).
    Type "setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1" and press enter.
    All your MCM will now be rebuilt and your ready to go....

  • Skyrim Adding Collison Material Sounds To Multiple Parts Of A Mesh

    Collision in Skyrim and other video games is a very complex tool that enables a object to stay on Ground level it also enables. the gamer to in most cases interact with the Collision object and hit it with Projectiles or over weapons.  ...

  • Readme Majestic Mountains Preview 1.8

    Majestic Mountains v 1.8 Preview      02/11/2017

    It is very uncommon in a readme. But this mod is gaining complexity.

    1. Whats new?
       1.1 Snow
       1.2 Tundra
       1.3 Mehrune
    2. Snow
       2.1 Improved Snow
       2.2 Snow compatibility
    3. Moss
    4. Sun
    5. Lod



    This preview has a lot of changes included. This is the reason why I decided to add a "what's changed" section.
    There are three major changes in this build.
    The snow material that is projected on objects is created by a source color and the projecteddiffuse texture.The ol...

  • New Random Events - List

    *Might be considered spoiler

    World Encounters:

    <Wilderness & Road Encounters>

    1. Necromancers Trying to Resurrect a Dead Body
    Req: Player's level is 10 or higher

    Two Necromancers are trying to resurrect a dead body. They will turn hostile as soon as they spot Player. If they succeed in resurrecting the corpse, it will fight along side the Necromancers.

    2. Wanderer of Skyrim
    Req: None

    Spawns one traveler. They can be of various professions depending on what region of Skyrim they are in: In lush forest of Falkreath and Tsundra of Whiterun, alchemists gathering some flowers are a common sight, w...

  • Quest Walkthroughs

    *Contains spoilers for new quests

    Boy's Endeavor

    Quest ID: SetteBoy00

    Quest Starting Condition: Encounter with Boy and offer him a helping hand either with his endeavor to fight bandits, or by taking him straight back to his village.

    Detailed Walkthrough:

    Boy is practicing sword fighting in wilderness. After trading a few words with him, you can choose either to take him back to his village where his Mother is waiting for his return, or go on an adventure to kill some bandits.

    On your map, the location of Boy and his village are shown with markers. Boy is a fragile warrior-at-heart, so be sure to protect him while traveling through the d...

  • Alchemy - Overpowered or Underwhelming

    As some of you may have noticed, the potions start of quite meager, but sooner or later ramp up to become something almost entirely different than Vanilla Alchemy.

    For my first explanation of why this mod is so needed I will ask you, when is the last time you drank a Tier 5 Health Potion? Or Two? Or Three? During a single fight...?

    Well, with my potions, even at "1000 HP" it takes Five Seconds to deliver its beneficial effects, during which time you may become... in simple terms a corpse.

    Magicka, Stamina, etcetera... whether Fortifying or Restoring, all deserve the additional power they've been given and the scope of each deserving a place on an alchemist's rack.

    In a game where levelling is so long-term, and virtually anything could happen ...

  • F.A.Q.


    Q:Why Sorting Mods? 
    A: Let's  face it, Skyrim is a very 'stuff' oriented game. There are literally of thousands of collectible items, from ordinary clutter, to elaborate weapons and artifacts of all kinds. But, there is a problem. Many of them, are either poorly described, that is to say, the name doesn't really capture what the item is as well as it could, OR, the item is well described, but is poorly formatted in some way that is only obvious once you have it in your inventory with other items. This is a common feature of ALL Bethesda games. Not just Skyrim. Fallout suffers from it as well. Fallout 4s inventory management for example, and naming is so bad, the game is almost unplayable without extensive reworks of the way the games items are named. And its not ju...

  • Diseases


    ° When a diseased foe strikes you, there is a chance (5-10% per wound) to contract his disease.
    ° You can lower the chance with "Resistance To Disease" (via your race or equipment, like the "Skeever Helmet").
    ° The total number of contracted diseased during your game with your current character can be seen like this:
    - Press "Esc"
    - From the main menu bar on the top select "General Stats".
    - From the left side of the menu select the first voice "General".
    - Scroll down the list to the last voice "Diseased Contracted" and look at the corresponding number on the right.

    ° By potion: drinking a "Cure Disease" potion is the fastest way to rid yourself of the pox...

  • An old essay on the etymological problem of Daxue and ANK and WOK Translations

    这是一篇老文整理,目的在于对大学、ANK、汤镬汉化重新敲定的名词作出解释,名词按照动物名(Animals & Creature)、武器装备名(Armoury)、神祇名(Deities)、阵营名(Factions)、地名(Locations,细分为Continents——大陆名、Provinces——省份名、Holds——领地名、Cities & Towns——城镇名、Misc——杂项)、材料名(Materials)、种族名(Races),涉及地名的部分参考了大学汉化发起人、台湾朋友keppekinosha(老K)前辈之前在网络上撰写的一些解释,以及,感谢ft2232240为我们带来的ANK汉化。
    I. 动物名(Animals & Creatures)