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    Revenant's Oath (BOO!!!) disposed and replaced with the new perk "Dark Scion"

    This Perk Increases the Duration of Raise Dead Spells if they are used in a Place of Rest such as a Cemetary or a Hall of the Dead, sounds very specific until you realize it will make your undead creatures last 10x longer, now preparation is key to Necromancy, for lower level Necromancer's this is not much however a Master Necromancer in theory should be able to sustain Undead without the Undead Thrall Spell for upwards of 40 Minutes if they reanimate them in a Cemetery or Hall of the Dead, if a Mod properly adds such an area it will be compatible.


  • Compatibility and Conflicts

    Though Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks was designed with maximum compatibility in mind, issues may still arise.  I will be working through my list of Winterhold mods and mods that heavily impact Winterhold and making note of any conflicts I find.  Major conflicts will be listed on the front page.

    The Augur’s Admonishment
       ▪  Obscure's College of Winterhold - Update Available:  Version 1.3.10 and newer is fully compatible.
       ▪  Not So Fast - Mages Guild - Incompatible:  A merged version is being investigated.

    Mage-light Maintenance
       ▪  College of Winterhold Light Pillar Fix - Redundant:  Fixes the light pillars by another method.
       ▪  Enlightened College of Winterhold - Redundant:  Fixes the light...

  • Ou trouver les autels

    Azura :

    Le temple de Corberoc
    Au nord du Camp de la Pierre parlante
    L'autel d'Azura
    Boéthia :

    Le temple de Corberoc
    Sanctuaire de Boéthia

    Vil Clavicus :

    Honte d'Haemar

    Hermaeus Mora :

    Rêveries - chapitre 1

    Hircine :

    Coven de Glenmoril
    Ruines enneigées
    Au nord du Monument de Gjukar
    Jyggalag :

    A l'ouest d'Aubétoile

    Malacath :

    Grotte de Rochebrune

    Mehrunes Dagon :

    Autel de Mehrunes Dagon

    Méphala :

    Le temple de Corberoc

    Méridia :

    La statue de Méridia

  • SSE Engine Fixes

    Using one of these should be considered essential. The main purpose of these, is to fix an issue the game has concerning plugins. Your game can start losing performance when you have several plugins installed, it doesn't even have to be that many, and it still happens if the plugins are empty. Read the description on the mod page for SSE Engine Fixes for a more detailed explanation.

    WARNING: Make sure the version you use for either of these, matches the version of SKSE that you're using. 

    (SKSE) SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) (Y)

    Description: It includes a fix for the plugin issue, and other fixes too, such as the Double Perk Apply Fix. Read the mod page description for more information.

    Installation: Part 1 c...

  • History

    1. Preparation
    2. xEdit
    3. Cleaning Masters
    4. Creation Kit
    5. SSE Engine Fixes
    6. Mod Organizer 2
    7. Converting Mods
    8. Making an ESPLite
    9. Tools
    10. BethINI
    11. Rejected Mods...

  • Everything about the auto-aim assist

    This article contain explanation on the gameplay mechanics with or without the auto-aim assist (when you toggle the appropriate switches in the "Aiming Control" MCM-section of AIM FIX mod).

    As you may saw in the Tutorial movie, the 10 steps distance from a target during the calibration process offered as the most suitable distance to cope with all ranges when the auto-aim assist is disabled, but you can always choose your own calibration distance.

    Introduction. What is the Auto-Aim Assist is? With the Auto-aim assist Skyrim controls some "dead zone of the deviation" and implicitly changes the projectile's fall point to count hit in a target, even if it should fly by (miss). Despite the false hits, the Auto-aim is still necessary because it is responsib...

  • Simple Khajiit Followers - Female

    3 of 30 SIMPLE Khajiit followers created:


  • Cerinia well done

    Cerinia was a planet an had intelligent races.Well here is the main one.
    You will get a set of armor specifically for females.Custom made.This armor is also available for crafting....

  • Indoril Ordinator Armor

    This mod simply adds in the Indoril Ordinator armor made by Felix Lucas. Craftable under the Ebony category!...

  • BethINI

    BethINI - (Y)

    Description: A tool that gives you a user friendly way to change your ini settings, or you can let it do it for you. It's very user friendly, in that it gives you a description of each setting if you hold your mouse cursor over it. A link to a tutorial by Dirty Weasel Media.

    Download it and extract it to a new folder. I put it on my D drive, but your desktop would be fine. Open it, double click the application, and then select Skyrim Special Edition. Mod Organizer needs to be closed before you launch Bethini.


    On the first screen, pick the setting that matches what was suggested when you first loaded the game to create the .ini files (for example, ultra), and the...

  • Follower

    Looking for a follower?
    Like me you don't play with followers because they look like a bunch of zombies?
    Still looking for a follower that has more tan 10 lines of dialogue?
    Then let me present you:


    The only follower that i can actually use because he dont look like a zombie.
    If someone ask me with mod i cant play skyrim without you can be sure INIGO would be the answer; This is the only mod that i cant give-up of....

  • Why i start modding

     I mod for personal use, never thought of posting anything on nexus, I always thought that no one would be interested in my creations, until I discovered that inigo (simply the best follower currently avaliable) would not be posted on the nexus, if its creator does not had seen that the community of the nexus had interest in vilja (a follower who followed a similar idea). Now I can say that inigo inspired me to post mods, just like he saw that the community had interest on his mod i hope that someone will have interest on my files....

  • Eye Of Fear

    Uploaded original version.
    New more balanced versions uploaded.
    Questions bugs and requests plis let me know.

  • Preparation

    If possible (and highly recommended), start with a fresh install of the game on a separate hard drive to the one that your operating system is on. If you can't or only have the one hard drive, avoid installing steam, and your games in Programme Files (x86) as you can run into administrator issues later on. 

    For anyone who doesn't have a SSD drive, you will have to take this into account when modding your game. There is a significant difference in performance between them, and a standard hard drive, and playing a fully modded Skyrim takes a lot of processing power. 

    I am presuming that you will have purchased your copy from Steam, and know how to install games, but if not, here is a link to a video by GamerPoets for an in depth installation gu...

  • Making an ESPLite

    Making an ESPLite/ ESPFE/ ESPL
    There will be a lot of  marks in the guide... It mean that you need to add ESL flag to the ESP file in xEdit. Here, I will explain how to do it. 

    Load the ESP in SSEEdit

    When the background loader is finished, double-click on plugin to expand it. Click on File Header.

    Go to Record Flags, left-click on it and select Edit.

    Tick the ESL box and press OK.

    Now, it should look like this.

    Close SSEEdit. Make sure that plugin that you edited is the only plugin ticket in the list.

    There will be also a lot of  marks in the guide... It mean that you need to Compact Form IDs before you add ESL flag to the plugin. Her...