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Mod managing tool. Allows you to sort mods, creates correct file and folder structures and installs the unlimited mods patch too.

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You need a hacked switch running Atmosphere/DeepSea to make this work.

This tool allows you to automatically create the file structure needed to get mods working on your switch.

  • Grab mods from here and extract them to the "mods" folder (esp, esm, bsa, ini, ...).
  • Open the tool and hit "Scan mods folder"
  • Sort all your plugins and assets by drag and drop
  • Hit "export" and wait for the magic to be done
  • Copy the contents of "output" to the root of your sdcard (this will install the unlimited mods patch too).

You need to restart your switch the first time you install something with this tool! This is because the tool patches things within Atmosphere and applies it on boot.

All INI files in the mod folder will get merged. Make sure you only include the Section and values of the things you actually want to change. There are INIs included (60FPS unlock and Volumetric Lighting patch). These will help you understand.
Note: This tool is made for Atmosphere users. SXOS or any other firmware might work if you change the folder structure accordingly.