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Cheat Room is a ‘room’ designed for cheating or to aid players along their wild adventures.

Permissions and credits
Thank you Bradenm1 for allowing me to port this to the Nintendo Switch!

Cheat Room is quite a extensive cheat mod, to some people It's more then just a cheat mod.This mod edits nothing from the original game, it's completely clean. It can be installed and uninstalled safely with the limitation of remembering to unequipped a cheat item such as "God Ring" and or stopping certain active spells that require the user to end it.

Where's Cheat Room?
-When you first install the mod spells get added to your magic menu under alteration, use that to teleport to Cheat Room.

-A single room
-Uses a spell to get to Cheat Room (Essentially a portable room)
-Every Item in the game
-Change Weather, Time, etc...
-Spawn Actors (Templates)
-Marry Actors
-Resurrect Actors
-Set Essential on Actors On/Off
-Learn Every Shout
-Learn Every Spell
-Add/Remove All Active Effects
-Add/Remove All Diseases
-Add Coins
-Add Perks
-Add Dragon Souls
-Level up Skills
-Level up Character
-Change Characters Appearance
-Adjust Characters Height
-Anyone a Follower (May not work on certain actors)
-Change Relationship between you and actors
-Access anyone inventory
-Cheat Weapons/Armor
-Cheat Rings
-Item Duplication
-10 Custom Teleport Locations.
-A backup system for certain stats (In-case one of your stats become broken or you want to reset them)
-Place to do crafting and stuff
-And more...