Skyrim (Switch)
Lydia with Bijin Warmaidens

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Ported to Nintendo Switch for personal usage with the help of the guys at


  1. rnexus07
    • member
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    can you kindly teach me how to do this? only for my personal use
  2. jjjexorcist8
    • member
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    Could you explain how to get this mod for switch.
  3. BigBadDwarf
    • premium
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    On the upside, it's great to know this can work on Switch and it looks awesome there, so much kudos.

    On the downside, when I tried it using the AiO esp everyone was very bright and luminous :|
  4. Niborino9409
    • supporter
    • 119 kudos
    I'd try, but I am so worried my Switch might die. Not sure if there's any risk of that but I am still worried. It was expensive.