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    This mod is adding new locations. Must by add  Manualy There is a video that shows how to do it. Have a funn...

  • Ring of Subjugation Walkthrough SPOILERS Version

    If you do not wish to spoil the difficulty in finding the dungeon please do not continue reading. This is for those people who wish to skip straight to the dungeon.
    If you wish to head straight to the dungeon, it is located on the large icebergs north of Dawnstar. Alternatively, you can use console and type "coc sunkencaveexterior"
    If you wish to find the journals for roleplaying but do not wish to waste time, here are the locations:
    1. A satchel with 2 journals is found on the stretch of road between whistling mine and winterhold, sitting on a rock.
    2. The second satchel is located in Whiterun hold, located next to the river, slightly north of the portion of land that juts out into a spit (this has a chest and usually a wild animal encounter), next to a burnt cor...

  • Ring of Subjugation Walkthrough No Spoilers-Minor Spoiler Version

    Ring of Subjugation Walkthrough No Spoilers/Minor Spoiler Version

    This god item is intended for mage characters, and therefore it would be advised for you to search for clues in the winterhold area, or perhaps along the road to winterhold. There should be a pair of journals in a satchel that has been lost, and this will contain the first clues to where you can find the required items for forging your god item.
    Once you have obtained the contents of the satchel, you can either deduce the location of where you need to go next from either of the books. Deducing this from one book will take you directly to the dungeon that you need to go to. The other book will direct you to the general area of another journal, which in turn, will tell you the general location of the dungeon....

  • Turkish Translate for Astral Merchant and Chest

    Asıl Modu Türkçe yapan bir çeviri dosyasıdır eğer rahatsız oldu iseniz:

    [email protected]


  • Credits

    MOD MADE BY: Zairaam and Natterforme

    This file is just a translation....

  • Escort Followers

    Horse black

    Girl nude blond




    Wolf Pack

    Sabre Cat

  • Voice: Roar of The Fire Dragon King

    New Daily Use Voice.

    this will hurt anything can even 1 hit a mammoth if close enough. most effective vs undead.
    do not activate in town unless you wanna fight for a minute.

    Massive AOE on on activation(Range 500)
    Fire damage to all.

    -Below are 60-90 sec duration-
    Flame Armour.
    Self Invisible.
    Area Of Protection.
    +5000% hp regen
    repel and damage all undead in range upto level 1000...

  • NewGuardArmourbyBishop

    I was always infuriated by the fact that all the guards in the cities of Skyrim are dressed the same way! It has long been going to fix it somehow. That's what I got (this is my first mod), maybe there are some flaws, but as time goes by, I will fix it. Replacer armor guards replaced with a new one, it is different from the guards in different possessions....

  • horns


  • horns


  • Traducao para SPELL Ritual Stone Servant

    Versão Original:

  • Pauldrons Lengendary Edition

    Adds a leveled list to PauldronsPlus DG and DB....


    There are hidden rewards when you complete certain questlines to add something new to the altar, forge and smelter. 
    (They only appear if you complete the quest, and are somewhat related to what happened)

    Finish "Battle for Solitude/Whiterun" on the Civil War Questline and you get:
    The "Brother's Blood" recipe, that allows you to obtain Azure Plasm from Blood Potions. 
    Finish "Alduin's Bane" on the Main Questline and you get:
    The "Titan of Coldharbour" recipe, that allows you to use mimic stones to clone "Dragon Scales" and "Dragon Bones".
    (Provided you completed the "Bloodbound" ritual)

    Finish "The Eye of Magnus" on the College of Winterhold Que...



    The Herald of Molag Bal ritual is thoroughly explained in a "lore friendly" book, however I wrote this guide to ensure there are no problems or confusion 
    regarding the specific things you need to do.


    This also explains how some of the things work and what you can expect. Remember, If you don't see a recipe that means you don't have all the items to complete the ritual. You might want to complete "The House of Horrors" in Markarth. Molag Bal's quest as you'll need the mace for the final stage.

    You'll need:
    1 Silver Chalice (This is a unique misc item, I placed one next to the book at t...



    "The Ritual of Invocation" book can be found at the entrance of the home alongside a "Blank Spelltome".
    This allows you to craft a unique spell book at the altar of Molag Bal to summon a dremora servant that works as any vanilla follower.
    Depending on the items you use when crafting the book, you get to choose:

    - The Gender of the Dremora.
    Female - Raynia
    Male - Vaexar
    - The Trade: Warrior, Mage or Archer. 
    Each has specific: Class, combat style, spells, perks.

    The Warrior type specializes in: Block, Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Two-Handed.
    The Mage type specializes in: Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Illusion.
    The Archer type specializes in: Archery, Light Armor, One-H...

  • Capable Lucien

    The Capable Lucien add-on gives Lucien some basic perks that fit his combat style and unlock certain capabilities. It also makes him start with a Steel Sword instead of an Iron Sword, but if you already met him, it will just add a Steel Sword to his current inventory. Here are the perks added to Lucien:


    All Novice spell perks
    Apprentice Restoration
    Dual-casting for Restoration, Destruction and Illusion
    Recovery (Rank 1)
    Summoner (Rank 1)
    Mystic Binding


    Fighting Stance
    Savage Strike
    Bladesman (Rank 1)
    Hack and Slash (Rank 1)
    Bone Breaker (Rank 1)

    Devastating Blow
    Deep Wounds (Rank 1)
    Skullcrusher (Rank 1)

  • 2B Main Menu

    2B Main Menu

    For 2B

  • The Well Dressed Armored Mage

    No crafting requirements, no not even steel.

    One size fits all.

    Comes with a book in a barrel

    I recommend Dragonborn crafting hall
    Has materials to get Enchanting 60+ by disenchanting

    and  Skein of Magnus by disenchanting Archmages Robes


  • ICOW Frequently Asked Questions

    --- Immersive College of Winterhold Frequently Asked Questions ---

    Read the following to see if your issue has already been addressed.

    For installation instructions, permissions and credits, see the main mod page. 

    Naked Characters

    Select any naked characters in the console and type "ResetInventory". This occurs when character outfits are changed mid-save. There is no function I can access through papyrus or the CK to forcibly update outfits.

    I get the black-face bug

    There is a guide to fixing the black-face bug on the file page - please read it all!

    The tutoring system is not working

    Tutoring is an ICOW feature that allows you to gain XP from watching teachers in the Hall of The Elements. It i...