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  • Natalie - Asian Supermodel RaceMenu Preset

    I somehow managed to make a beautiful female character so i decided to share it with you guys...

  • Spoiler article - spoilers anything

    The Isles of Teia Spoiler Article
    Contains what you will find on Teia and how to get through the Wayward Tunnels. Read only if
    you are not in the mood to explore yourself.

    Wayward Tunnels:
    From Left Hand Mine go south on the road, over the beridge, until you find a small path to the right. Follow the path. Pass along cliffs to the right. Behind them you will find some trees and there is the entrance to Wayward Tunnels.
    No need to fight to get through. But you can, if you prefer.

    Find the pullbars and the secret doors:
    Move forward to the first crossing.Turn into the corridor on the left. There is a pullbar. Activate only
    Go back to the crossing and choose the corridor straight ahead. You pass a small room witth ...

  • Notice About Mods that Re-Voice Vanilla NPCs

    Hello all.

    There seems to be an influx of mods that aim to re-voice vanilla NPCs lately. I would like to take a moment and discuss how this may affect the mods I am currently working on.

    Question: What is re-voicing? 

    Answer: Re-voicing is what happens when you take an NPC with a specific voice type and give them another one. Example: Heimskr uses the Male Nord voice type. Re-voicing would assign him a different voice type. This could amount to switching him to another vanilla voice from the game, or giving him a brand new one with the aid of a voice actor.

    Question: Can re-voicing cause any side-effects?

    Answer: Yes.

    If an NPC has dialogue that is conditioned only to their ID and not to their default voice type, then...

  • Craftable Items (4.1)

    Adds new craftable items to use in combat, integrated into leveled lists. Mostly throwable scrolls. New Dart weapon is added into the game in form of physical damage projectile scrolls, associated to Marksman skill (fortify effects, perks, etc). All Common material variants are included. Also adds Bear Traps and Armor Paddings. Alchemy based craftables can be crafted anywhere by using Field Crafting ability.

    Ammunition :

    Dawnguard Arrow/Bolt : Same stats as Dwarven Arrow/Bolt, but also flagged as Silver.
    Dawnguard Arrow/Bolt of Fire/Ice/Shock : Explosive versions of Dawnguard ammunition. Same explosion as Dwarven ammunition.

    Ammunition Recipes :

    Dawnguard Arrow/Bolt : (Forge) 2 Dwarven Metal Ingot, 1 Silver Ingot (+1 Firewood for Bol...

  • Update 1.7 instructions

    Updating the telegraphed attacks window

    In vanilla Skyrim, animations don't matter. Replace an attack animation with the running animation and nothing will change.
    The datas are not stored in the animations. They're stored in the behavior. The behavior contains the animation logic
    SkySA edits the behavior to implement a telegraphed attack window and allow you to customize it 
    From update 1.7, it becomes the first mod where animations do more than nothing or adding hitframes

    SkySA slows the NPCs attacks and accelerate it "SkySA_eventdrivenmodifiertrigger" event is received.  If it's not received the NPCs will attack in slow motion. 
    It is already done for the animations in my modpage, but animations you'll get elsewhere may requir...

  • Known issues

    I tested the mod as much as I could, but there were crucial time limits and I didn't test much with followers. The game engine and also my skills are limited, too, so some issues always occur. Some things may be happen only because my computer is too weak, I don't know.
    These issues are no bugs and will not break the game!
    Let's see what I remember:

    - Weather issue near volcano isle. The weather should change to normal as soon as you are leaving the isle and be on water. At one side of the isle weather stays bloody red until you get far away.
    - Seagulls may walk underwater. I did not allow that, but they don't care :)
    - Whales or Orcas sometimes strand on land. I guess this happens because I didn't marked the navmesh to preferred paths. Sometimes they tr...

  • Face Bugs

    For the record, a short list of different bugs related to NPC faces in Skyrim, their causes and fixes.

    Grey face bug

    Symptoms: Face is always of grey color with no make up applied. Changing npc weight with 'setnpcweight' command will temporarily make the face use proper colors. This reverts itself when changing cells and should not be used as a fix.


    1. There is no facegen (fecegeom i.e. mesh of the head and facetint i.e. texture for head skin color and make up) generated or the path is not right. The mod author either did not generate them or the name of the mod was changed and the path doesn't match the file location. If a plugin is called test.esp and the npc has form id, say 14004085, then the paths for the head data should look l...

  • play as the loading screen breton woman

    This savegame includes a fourth-level Breton wizard. She's got Faendal as a follower and has already  completed some minor quests. She wields soem staffs....

  • I want more weapons - Where to find them

    So, one of the things I've always wanted to do was to add more weapons to the lists, but I also really, really wanted to make a playable custom race.

    I combined the two in order to have some fun, and, well, the labor of love is released after two years of development hell.  It's not done, it's a work in progress, but it's an Alpha test right now.

    Want to try the mod, or just want the weapons?  Go here:  I'll be updating the mod whenever I feel there's been enough progress.  If you're new to modding, there's all the old files still kicking around to learn from.  They're messy and not meant to be the main downloads, obviously, but perhaps it'll be easier to see what things changed and get a glimpse into how my bra...

  • Release Day

    Well, honestly, I'm thinking of doing the previously unthinkable:  I'm going to release this mod on October First as an Alpha.  0.06-A will be the First Release Version and as such, I feel it's almost ready to go.

    Yes, there's things that still need doing.  I need to create some more presets, I need to convert female Khajiit hairs to the female Kriaal, I'll need to make a dedicated mouth for the females because the male one is just not quite the right shape, and generally, I'm not yet happy with this mess I call a mod.

    But, dammit, I'm going to do it, or I'll be cranking out 0.52-A before I know it and it'll still have never seen the light of day.

    So, what does this mean for the versioning numbers?

    0.07-A will still be next.


  • Somewhat of a ReadMe

    I'm just going to explain the different files, as there's a BUNCH of them. The ones you shouldn't mix and what not.

    1) The Installer.
    As far as I can tell, foolproof. no way to cause issues AS LONG AS you dont change anything on the "patches" section (currently). once you choose your base game version and dlc options, theres a few mods that have some "minor" conflicts. just select the mods you use and when you click next it will auto select all the correct patches. you CAN select the others, but thats NOT INTENDED.

    2) merged - all.
    "all" being the base game - NO DLC. so, companions, thieves, dark brotherhood, and the bounties. there are merged patches for the various conflicting mods.

    3) NON-DLC (companions, dark brotherhood, thie...

  • Nigel Version 1.2

    In this updated version, I believe I have fixed;

     - Nigel not being functional at all as a follower.
     - Nigel's voice lines never getting used in any circumstance. 
     - Nigel's Face textures looking as though they are missing or just being fucked in general. 

    Let me know if these issues particular issues are still persisting or any other issues you may notice do show up, I'll do what I can to fix them. 


  • About my first mod (preset)

    With my 2600+ hours experience in Skyrim i made this preset.
    i hope you guys like it .d...

  • Scroll Crafting (4.0)

    To craft Scrolls, you need to use the Scroll Crafting Tool, which can be bought from Mages or General Goods traders. Activate the misc item to open up Scroll Crafting menu. Crafting Scrolls gives you moderate Enchanting xp, higher xp for higher tier of Scroll crafted.
    Filled Soul Gems and Rolls of Paper are needed to craft Scrolls. Due to the game's limitations, you can't use soul gems you filled yourself - soul gems holding souls dynamically. You need to use Soul Gem mods or console commands to add yourself filled Soul Gems.
    Crafting Scrolls require Enchanting perks. Enchanter's Insight (Rank I) (Novice), Soul Gem Mastery (Apprentice), Arcane Experiment (Adept), Artificer's Insight (Expert), and Enchantment Mastery (Master)
    Roll of Paper will weigh & cost 1/5 than be...

  • Known Issues

    Known "Issues":
    Fort Dawnguard also pulls it textures from the CoW Doors. Unless new meshes are made for both doors and an .esp file created this cannot be helped. Unfortunately, that is beyond my skill set. If someone would like to do this, they are more than welcome.

    The Midden Hatch Door pulls it's textures from the side of the door textures and looks a little odd; this cannot be helped.

    LOD flickers with Vanilla Textures until very close to the College. If anyone can provide help, it would be greatly appreciated. There is an SSE mod that address this, but it has not been back ported.