Umbra Island - Skyrim Mod - by SerchBoogie
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Added: 09/01/2017 - 06:07AM
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This is a small Quest Mod I'm making for Skyrim. It takes place on it's own worldspace. It will challenge the player with hard enemies, an ambiguous quest and deadly isle to overcome.
. : Features : .

- A quest and a story that the player will have to unveil by gathering information, reading documents and observing his surroundings. No markers telling you where to go or who to speak with.

- Five nice recolored and modded vanilla armors, all tied to the quest and it's characters.

- A modded vanilla sword, changed to make it look and feel different from it's vanilla version and to integrate it into the lore of my world.

- A Dungeon like Island with enemies, traps, bosses and puzzles.


Working on the final details and hoping for the best once it's released.


The song used for this video was: Flight Hymn by Ross Bugden

This song is copyright free.

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