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Funnies aside, our  thoughts are with those affected.  Keep smiling through it all, and I hope you are all in good health my friends. 
I now have own YouTube channel for the IDIOT ELF  VIDEOS 
If you like them,  please consider nipping over to my channel.   I 
could really do with some Subs. 
I  hope you enjoy and as always,  your SUPPORT and COMMENTS are  appreciated.

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  1. bison1967
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    Ahh, the good ole days! Gotta love that sleep spell.

    Tremendous work, Reimar! I like the added touch of the DM screens and dice! Take care and stay safe my friend!
    1. Reimar67
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      Cheers Bison
      That was always the go to spell for the mages in ours games at low level.
      Stay safe