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I finally broke down and installed ENB. I did it out of shear necessity, I assure you. I don't like the FPS drop from ENB because I have too
many mods that add a ton of NPCs, monster, birds and animals to my game
that drop my FPS already. Unfortunately my game developed a lighting
problem of some kind that caused my game's texture colors to fade to a
weird dingy pastel looking color. This only happened when my player was
it a shadow or at night and at night every texture in the game had this
problem and in dungeons also. In the sunlight there was no problem with
the textures tho. I don't know why this problem developed and did not
want to invest a lot of time trying to solve this problem either. I knew
ENB could fix the problem, so now I have ENB installed and everything
is beautiful again. I just have to deal with the FPS drop now which is
slightly annoying but my game is so pretty that I can deal with a bit of
FPS drop. ENB was a quick fix to my problem!