You can choose between a straight donation or donating a premium membership

Straight donations

Donating money to a user is a nice way to show appreciation for their work or efforts and to help support and encourage them.

100% of any donation you make will go directly to naranjisimo through Pay Pal and is not handled or recorded by the Nexus sites.

Before donating please be aware that you should not be donating to users in return for access to any service, file or content provided by the user which includes "donating" to gain access to additional content for files. All the files on this site are 100% free to download and 100% free of payment for everyone and we have strict rules against users charging for any part of their files, additional content or services. If you feel you have been asked to donate in order to gain access to additional content or services please contact us immediately.

Premium membership donations

If you like what naranjisimo does for the community then you can buy them Premium Membership on the Nexus. Premium Membership is a paid for service on the Nexus that provides a few perks and additional features over the normal, free membership we already offer. For more information on Premium Membership please check out our more detailed information page.

When you buy Premium Membership for another member you're not just helping out one person, you're also helping to support the upkeep of these sites. Similarly we're really not big on people paying something for absolutely no personal gain at all. That's why if you buy another member Premium Membership we'll also provide you with Supporter membership, which means you'll no longer see ads on any of the Nexus sites, gain access to our Supporter only Image Share sections and gain an increased Private Message capacity for life. We'll also upgrade your account to Premium Membership (or add more time on to your account if you already have Premium Membership) for a fixed amount of time depending on what package you are buying for naranjisimo, completely free of charge. That way, everyone wins.

The Premium time you'll receive is detailed below, with the package you can buy on the left and the time you'll receive yourself on the right.

  • 1 month (£2.99) package - 1 week
  • 3 month package (£8.49) - 3 weeks
  • 6 month package (£14.99) - 6 weeks
  • 12 month package (£24.99) - 3 months
  • Lifetime package (£49.99) - 12 months

    • Once your Premium Membership expires you'll be instantly moved in to the Supporter group where you'll continue to receive the Supporter perks for life.

      The maximum amount of time a user can have bought for them (by one or more other users) is 5 years or a Lifetime membership. Rest assured that if you're seeing this page then this user has not already had a Lifetime membership bought for them. We hate the idea of money being wasted so would not want that to happen.