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[size="2"]Greetings to all, I'm Haven. Or HavenofDarkness. Or HoD. Whatever you prefer.

I realize that I never really took the time to fill out my profile on the Nexus, so here' goes!

I have only just recently started modding and am enjoying it thoroughly as a new hobby. As an artist and writer in real life it has provided me with a new creative outlet that I have come to appreciate in many different ways. Especially when I hit a writers block! At first I didn't think modding was for me, but after I got the hang of it, I discovered that the basics are easy to grasp. It can be intimidating at first, but honestly it's just so much fun. The only downside I find to it is that I have ended up trading actually playing Oblivion for modifying it.

Other than that I enjoy reading and love movies and video games, and always have new and interesting ideas popping into my head. I am hoping to go back to school someday for a master's degree in English.

I have been here on TESNexus for a long time now (I think just over three years) and have always loved the community, here. People are willing and helpful, and I am pleased that after all this time, new content is still coming out of the woodwork for Morrowind and Oblivion, even with Skyrim just around the corner. [/size]

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