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-The Creative Passion of Despair: The Great Birth of Liberty-


Peter: Why does this old man stare with a cold gaze, father?

Father: Why my boy; it is this man that has suffered tremendously--for what, we do not know; but it appears that he is squatting upon land, that we do not know.

Peter: But father: Why must he set upon the heating sun, but yet his eyes are so empty--I do not understand this gelidity?

Father: It is not for me to answer your question, dear Peter; it is for him only to gift us such a tale. One does stand with him, but is powerless in his goal to eradicate it.

Peter: Hmm. . . Thank you father; but I am curious: Why do all these men walk past him with contempt, they judge him before they question, no?

Father: You are right my boy; these men do not know of what is set before them--they do not question. . .Yet the virtues of this man is unknown; though, what I deem virtuous is for him to only judge us.

Peter: Father: I grant the prestige of virtue; for I do not know what else, how do we help this man?

Father: The answer is not simple, Peter. What must be done for this soul is to eradicate all those alike; many a person could be established as the foundation of liberty; which is why the task for us, dear Peter; is to not throw him coins; but for us to give him our hand, he must walk beside us to loosen his chains, dear son--as we do ours. Like our peers, we must be swift!

Peter: You are right father; when we are done here tonight, I must attend to finishing my notes on Robespierre; we have a long road ahead of us.

Father: Good boy; though you not need make me proud, remember this: It is the self that must propagate, for that; one must be content with his development.

Peter: Oh and Father. . .

Father: Yes, my dear boy?

Peter: When I've finished my notes; I shall ravish many a book written by Pyotr Kropotkin, Rosa Luxemburg and Marx.

Father: Good my dear boy; I shall accompany you with Oscar Wilde. I am fascinated by his essay on: "The Soul of Man Under Socialism" -my brother complements him greatly; so such a read would be serendiptous by nature!


I'm often referred to as Jam, so do as you please.

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