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OK, you guys are here for the pics, so before anything else: Link to my Flickr. :)

Now for the rest: 




Hello, my name is Martin, also known as "Hirlok the Hermit" or "Hirlok the Archer", and I am addicted to games, Skyrim in particular, modding, screenshotting, gaming, did I mention games???... and a few other things. 

And thank you very much, no, no therapy needed. ;-)

Actually I did that myself a couple of years ago, when I escaped the rat-race and the so-called "real life" as most people live it in Western Europe (I am of German origin and spent most of my life there - so far). 

I "dropped" out, moved to Paraguay, share a big chunk of land with very few friends (we all love privady and solitude) and many more animals, and actually live a very "Skyrimesque" life: 

I live in a small hut (built it myself - and it would perfectly blend  in in some favela in Brazil... ;-) ). 

Many animals, even small dragons ;-), some gardening (permaculture, tera preta, that kind of stuff), a crappy wireless internet connection that gives me 250 ping on US servers (still Hirlok the Hermit is an archer legend on the c-rpg servers ;-) )

I live very close to nature and with it, my meals are cooked on an open camp fire whenever the weather allows it, clothes are only for the (few) cold weeks of the year, and for me I have developed the perfect mix of high-tech stuff and a very "primitive" life - which is way more healthy and makes me much more happy and content than anything before (and I have done and seen quite a few things, incl. being a chief consultant for a big software consulting company - I know suits and frequent flyer cards and good hotels etc. in and out).

I have very little money, and need very little (well, ok, gotta earn a bit more next year, time for a dedicated gaming rig... ;-) ). So I can keep "work" down to a minimum and do only things that I love anyways, like writing stuff on the internet, doing reviews, here and there typesetting a book, some personal "drop-out-coaching" for very special clients - that's pretty much it. 

And gives me all the time I ever wanted to play games. :smile:

My spiritual believes are rather eclectic - basically I see the whole "reality" thing here as some crazy open-source computer game. Spiritual beings, permanently creating an insanely buggy world sim. 


Roleplaying rulesets: faulty and suck.

Factions: warcriminals, banksters, clerics and other scum.

Number of NPCs: way to f***ing many.

But - at least the graphics are stunning, physics engine is quite cool as well

And we created quite a few nice things - from sex to out-of-body-experiences, from cellos to virtual worlds inside the virtual world.


So - no, I do not exactly "hate" this world, but I do not click the "endorse" button either. Instead I decided to spend future incarnations elsewhere. Or Elseweyr? Cat people are much to my liking. ;-)



(((to be continued, and yes, will add some pictures of our life here as well)))




My Flickr Photostream - Skyrim Screens and images from my "other" life in Paraguay


Elfenwald  (German) - the original "Ecovillage in Paraguay"-idea, and what I decided to do instead (just live there, that is... LOL)


TechBlog (German) - games, tech, gadgets, tablets, software, random rantings... 


WaldWort Digital Publishing (German) - typesetting and publishing services for self-published authors. And own books. 

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