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I'm Sev, or Severage, or...Sevsomethingelse when my name is taken. I have been using this name since over a

decade ago (I was 12) when I first got into PC Gaming on my ruddy old laptop.

Since then, I've played dozens of MMOs, single player RPGs, most the big titles and plenty of anime-style

games. The only thing I haven't spent hours and hours doing is buying and playing Indie games.

I'm Male, nearly 23, an autodidactic singer of MANY years and hours. I used the magic of Google to find out

what I was supposed to be doing, along with the guidance of a close British friend who was professionally trained,

to teach myself singing. Voice acting is something I've always loved to do (Voice impressions, especially), and

comes naturally with being a vocalist.

My passion is truly singing, but I'm more than happy to do either one..or both. I have deep roots in immersive

gameplay, and my motivation comes from how very critical I am. Sounds discouraging, right? I know, but I'm

learning to channel my need for perfection into my performance.

My heretofore identified strengths are versatility in vocal range, reaching sky-high notes and decently low ones,

though my focus is on using this range to sound excellent, not just to say I can do it. I originally emphasized

powerful vocal performances, and they are still my favorites; however, recently I have turned my attention to

training in acute dynamics and more emotion-driven sounds.

As far as voice acting, I have developed a good sense of how accents sound, and find various accents most fun

to reproduce. I can't do them all, sadly, but most of the popular ones are no problem. While I've never sat down 

to perfect impressions, I do them often, and I find reproduction of a particular voice is the best tool to learning an accent.

Inspirations: I'm sure it will sound corny and mainstream, but my first inspiration to sing came with borrowing

Journey disc from my mother when I was 11 years old. It was the Greatest Hits 2-Part CD, and Steve

 was, and always will be, my first inspiration.

Over the years, I have drawn from many other artists, but the second most notable is Vitas, also known as the

"Man with the crazy voice", or the "7th Element" meme. Hearing him turned my world upside down, and

completely revolutionized what I thought was possible to do with a male voice. Thanks to him, my head voice is

very well developed, and I continue to draw from him to learn when I practice.

As far as voice acting, it's a little less distinct as I've simply always enjoyed doing it, and had less influential

inspirational figures to start me off. However, the likes of Jim Cummings always pushes me to do better, as

well as the many flavors of actors of characters I have learned to love.

Alastair Duncan, many of the League of Legends cast (Draven, Zed, Jax, Ziggs, Zac, and many more), Brian

, and the countless other actors and voices who were casted in the dozens of games I've played and did an

outstanding job. Thank you!

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