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3 things I keep in mind when modding: performance, file size, and compatibility.
Modding is what keeps me coming back.  I tend to forget what mods I liked, here is a list of some I thought nice.
Some Skyrim Stuff 
Unofficial Legendary Patch
Glowing Arrows
KenMod - Lockpick Pro 
No More Radial Blur
No Roadside Walls or Fences
No More Blocky Faces by Xenius
Scoped Bows
Wiseman's Bugfixes
Other Interesting Stuff
SKSE - SkyUI, Customizable Camera, Fix Lip Synch, Floating Damage, Floating Healthbars, No Enchantment Restrictions
Blowing in the Wind
Enhanced Lights and FX
Lightning during Thunder Storms
Noble Skyrim HD
Realistic Boat Bobbing
Realistic Water Two
Rustic by gamwich
Cutting Room Floor
Dwemer Fairies
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Immersive College of Winterhold
Multiple Floor Sandboxing
Quick Loot
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Timing is Everything
textures: by Rafuel
followers: by m150
Vanity Mirror by RGM  [ShowLimitedRaceMenu]
Modding Tools:  TES5Edit, Optimizer Textures
Things may try:
SnowFall Weathers - with Realtime Snow Cover by Megaloblast and Kojak747