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Due to unforseen family medical issues, I'll be taking a break from modding for the next few months. I apologize to those waiting for updates and patches. I just don't have the spare time at the moment. I'll still be here daily to check messages, comments and to try to answer any questions. Will keep working on said projects as time permits.  Thank you for your support and patience.
Grew up on a sugar cane farm in North Queensland. Was fascinated with motorbikes and machines as a youngster and was driving everything on the farm at an early age. Started playing video games in the late 70s. We used to play the video games at the local shop after school.
Got my first pc in the early 80s. It was a second hand TRS-80 with cassette tape storage. How I hated that tape drive, as it used to destroy tapes at random. Started writing my own games and modding anything I could at the time. Mostly used the Apple, and Sperry computers at high school. Got into drifting in the late 80's. Used to run a Ford F250 with a heavilly worked motor. Great for drifting and "naughty night time" drag racing. Started teaching myself how to play guitar at that time. My avatar image is one of my own instruments. Played bagpipes in a local band for several years.
At university I studied Civil Engineering and spent a lot of time on the DEC PDP-10 system. Had to use a teletype to talk to it. To get access a terminal with a screen, one had to use the computer lab after hours. Spent many happy hours hacking my friends accounts, leaving cryptic messages and non-existent, overdue library books for them. Security was very simple then.
I did an electrical trade specialising in Instrumentation and Programmable Logic Controllers in the early 90's Doom was released and I got into serious modding again. Doom 1, 2, Hexen, Quake, Duke Nukem etc. BBS was about the only way we could share mods worldwide until the internet became accessable where I lived. Was doing a lot of Raytracing and animation at the time. It was always a balance between modding, leaving the my PC free for mum to do her office work on and having it spend a week rendering a single image.
Went back to uni to study Information Technology and ended up working as a Dry Cleaner for 20 years. Now I'm modding and doing stuff that we could only dream of back then. Funny how things work out...
Current Mod Projects
Kissojen update (partially complete)
Kissojen SE conversion
Kissojen / LC_BuildYourNobleHome patch (permission granted)
Kissojen Pet store or merchant
Lakes End Retreat village expansion (partially complete)
Dragonsreach Undercroft adoptoption compatibility
Portable Armory / Display
M'Iska The Mad Khajiit custom voiced companion  (Slowly being rebuilt from near loss)


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