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Sorry if made any mistakes,but english is not my mother-language >.<

Hi everyone :D,glad you're here <3 . My name is Bethany,and i'm a 19 years old girl from Brazil :3 . My pics don't show skimpy armors,half-naked womans or barbie doll girls.I have nothing against people who like they,but i just don't like. I usually seek for realism on my screenshots. If you like this kinds of pics,please take a look on my screenshots,i hope you'll enjoy they :D .

A warm hug,from Bethany <3


I've become so numb
I can't feel you there
I've become so tired
So much more aware

I'm becoming this
All I want to do
Is be more like me
And be less like you

Can't you see that you're smothering me?
Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control
'Cause everything that you thought I would be
Has fallen apart right in front of you

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