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I'm an aspiring voice actor. Here's my current portfolio, i'll keep it updated whenever i can.
Also, apologies if there's some issues with spacing between the paragraphs (either lack thereof or noticeable gaps), seems to be an issue with this page.
Umbra, Lugrub gro-Ogdum, Thirsk Worker, Surus Velvus, Ormvard, Dinok, Daglin Selarar, Toris Saren, Basks-In-The-Sun, in the Morroblivion/Skywind project. These are obsolete as the dialogue has since been overhauled and i never got around to re-voicing any so they'll all have different VA's by now, but i'm keeping them here for posterity :P. Umbra. Lugrub gro-Ogdum. Thirsk Worker. Surus Velvus. Ormvard. Dinok. Daglin Selarar. Toris Saren. Basks-In-The-Sun.

Ulfric's Thane #2, in the Skyrim Inconsequential NPC's mod. One of my scenes
Krog, Ortheim, Mowgrol, Ignar the Lucky, in the Skyrim Interesting NPC's mod. Ortheim. Ignar the Lucky.

Krog and Mowgrol don't have vids at this time.



Worker and Prisoner in the Skyrim Become Jarl of Ivarstead mod.


Will provide videos whenever available.

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