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I screwed up! &-)
People who want to ask permission will probably see here
This account is not active up until now and from now on
All my mod's permissions have been changed!
I'll welcome your modify!
  For example, release bug fixes,
  improvement on features,
  dressing up your followers,
  retexture, remeshe, recolor, mashup, translation,
  conversion for another body mod and SSE,
  reducing the number of polygons,
  diversion of parts,
  enclosing in your armor package,
  cutting down cloth for more revealing,
  changing the route of obtaining clothes,
  removing the merchant,
  and so on!
You can uploading to Nexus Mods, Steam Workshop, and Console without my permission and no credit
But that can only within Skyrim (SE)
Selling is assumed that my responsibility will increase, give me a break!
To be honest, I want to remove my very old warks X< however, I also wish for the development of mod communities now!
Thank you for everything!