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I've cobbled together an ENB config for Fallout 3. Despite its many shortcomings, it's gotten pretty popular. Do check it out and see if it works for you.7869379162_deb825342d_o.png

Some pretty shots using my ENB for Fallout 3 here:

And some of my best screens in general here:

All my regular (non-stitched) screenshots are captured in-game and posted unaltered, except for downsampling. I try to stay true to the original game artwork as much as possible. This doesn't mean I shun the use of imagespace enhancements, special effects, (poser) mods, ENB, ReShade or what have you. I do try to not have my changes be the focus of my screenshots. To not use offline editing is a self-imposed limit. So, if you like any of my images, this is a testament to the stunning beauty of the game as it was designed or how it has been enriched by community efforts.

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