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First of all, like I said often but just to be clear: my main language is French. So I might ( and will ) make mistakes in english!


I am not an expert modder but I know my basics with the CK, Tes5edit and the other common tools.


I have come to an age, so that when things gets too complicated, I just put them aside and think about what I will do with them later!


I love sarcasm, dark humour, wicked sense of humour... well a lot of kind of humour in fact! So if I ever answer to you and you feel that there is some kind of sarcasm, don't look too far: it was sarcasm. Not because I don't like you, quite the opposite in fact! Probably because you made me laugh and I appreciate you!


I've spent half of my working days as an adult, to argue with engineers who think they can solve anything with their plans whitout going on the terrain and get dirty like everyone else. So if by any mean, you are that kind of person, I will smell you out and my sarcasm will be VERY MEAN towards you.


Last note: If you ever make a bad joke ( I mean real bad) about the fact that I am colorblind, I will notify the administrators and I won't give you a single warning.



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