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My name is Jurriaan de Jongh, I live at the moment in Sweden with my beloved wife and Alaskan Malamute. I'm a really down to earth and relaxed kind of person and I'm more likely to smile and laugh at thing instead of letting it get under my skin, and mainly because of this attitude you can expect a little sarcastic spark with a black grin to jump off my words to make everything much more interesting then ole', plain, boring life.


And now I suppose you want to know more huh.. No? Well tough luck, I'm going to write it down here anyway. My life (mostly hur hur) exists out of a few things that I love.




Gaming of course! Me and my wife are both total game fanatics, playing since the dawn of time, we're doing MMO's but often enough we just stick to SP games as well.


Photography, I'm a freelance photographer in real life although I've finish a study for graphic design. screen achery/virtual photography came sort of naturally to me as you might have expected  and together with writing it form a great creative outlet for me when I've got a block or to get some inspirations from to apply in real life.


Writing and reading. We both love to read and our house is practically stuffed with literature. Most of it is fantasy but we've also got plenty of other genres laying around. And as for writing, this is the stuff that I mostly do, even if my wife is the linguist in the house. But I do enslave her to do the editing.. I do ask her politely though! I've always wrote a bit here and there, but never as serious as I'm doing now on my blog. I'm having a lot of fun with it, dumping my twisted imagination into it, and of course, Skyrim is a wonderful canvas for me to work on.


Hiking and Mountain biking. I was never much of an urban creature, even though most of my life I did live in big cities. I love to be out in nature when I'm not wandering the vast landscapes of Skyrim, especially in Spring I'll be out with my Alaskan Malamute Frodo or on my bike with a camera in the bag.






But now a bit about what it's actually all about over here, Skyrim!


- For the best reading experience of my stories I would kindly recommend visiting my SkyrimTales blog. -


I try to keep my entire style of virtual photography, characters and writing as realistic as possible without much grand or extravagant ideas. To archive this I prefer to use the BLEAK enb profile by trustinall because the subdued colors present Skyrim and my characters in the, for me, ideal way, and just as I would have imagined it.


Here is a collection of selected works from my blog.











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