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I play video games and I love being absorbed by the world and the story. From Xenosaga to RTS games like Red Alert 2, to space sims like X3: Terran Conflict; I love them all. I write a lot of creative work and hope to publish a book someday. I am in pursuit of research science focused on fundamental and basic research.

Also I will be creating mods (first simple but deeply story oriented quests) that does not conflict with lore. Once I shed noob status and achieve amateur status I will create multiple story arcs that are character driven and explore the more subtle aspects of Skyrim citizens's lives. From a rare lost Giant's child, a desperate vampire hunted by his own kind, to the daily prejudice Khajiit caravans face and Ri'Saad (the wealthiest and leader of all the caravans) ulitmately undermine his noble efforts from his moon sugar dealings with the Thalmor and citizens of Skyrim. Stay tuned!! :dance:

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