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About me huh ?

Well I have a passion for games obviously and have found my new love for modding and helping people :smile:


I was diagnosed with D.I.D and manic depression almost two years ago , as my life felt like it was spiraling out of control I met someone online who helped me when they didnt have to and pushed me to go to a psychologist          ( something  I have never done ) when I thought my mind was deteriorating from schizophrenia she helped me understand that it could be something much different and wasnt what I thought it was . after a long two years I was officially Diagnosed with what used to be called multiple personality disorder .. this was a huge eye opener as things started to make sense on why I was the way I was and finally lead me to acceptance .


Ever since then I love helping others and Council young men and woman who are suffering and struggling from a mental disorder ranging from B.P. too B.P.D. and found I truly enjoy helping others  :thumbsup: .



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