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Norwegian gamer, from '97. I have been gaming alongside other interests since I was about four. My gaming career started with the N64 back in the years, and have later developed onto the PC. I have a great interest in RPGs and a fascination for history, mythology and fantasy. I have played several board and dice roleplays, like the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and The Call of Chtulhu. Tolkien, Verne, Lewis and Lovecraft can possibly be my greatest inspirations and favorites for within literature.

At the same time, I have played bass guitar for three years, and been training the South-Korean martial art Tae-Kwon-Do for six years. Lately I have picked up on modding and have already made some creations.
All the same time as I've maintained a good social life.

I've been around the Nexus for a long time, but joined in September 2010.

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