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Okay, I did neglect for another 2 years  :sad: since the last time I update this.

I manage to get back my old interest to modding again. It has been years since I did...  :sweat: 
So the first thing I did was checking my messages since I feel bad (moody) if not checking them before ignoring it. Certainly, this is an obsolete option to take.

Probably because there was an announcement that TESVI might be out at 2021. So I want refreshing my rusty knowledge for modding. 

For some users that want to know... I still need to check which mods actually are actually in a need for updates. 
I probably compile it all in one page since many request for SSE (certainly many ppl already did port it).
I have some complex about permission of using my mods as your mod but basically as long as proper credits are given the its cool (I mean I permit it). Mostly because some of my mods include other mods as well.

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