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Hey guys!


I'm currently a senior at Ball State University majoring in philosophy and minoring in computer science and WGS. When I'm not in classes I'm either working at a gas station or doing work for my job as general director at EDM Joy, working with my label Bombshell Records or doing homework.


I used to play Skyrim on the PC for a while. I had over 200 mods, but since I had so many crashes and freezes, I finally stopped. Now that Skyrim Special Edition is out and is fully functional for Xbox One and PS4 with mods, I'm playing again!


I play Skyrim Special Edition on my Xbox One under my favorite role-playing name, Thelonius Tiecan. My xbox one name is Artemis Fowl II, while my alias on here is Ztensity because I used to game by that name.


Anyway, as Thelonius Tiecan I play as a Wood Elf with a focus on archery, one handed combat, thievery, pickpocketing, restoration and destruction. As for now, I'm tinkering around with a myriad of mods for Xbox One and still haven't landed on a complete stable set. Once I do, I plan on posting some pictures of my favorites moments and adventures in Skyrim.


As for now, I absolutely cannot wait for the following mods to be available for Xbox One


1. Helgen Reborn

2. Breezehome Fully Upgradeable

3. Moonpath to Elseweyr

4. Unique Uniques

5. Immersive Creatures

6. Cloaks of Skyrim

7. Bandolier - Bags and Pouches

8. Interesting NPCs

9. Inconsequential NPCs

10. Inigo

11. Expanded Towns and Cities


I am beyond excited to begin really immersing myself into this game and with this community. Feel free to contact me here or via my socials below!


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | Website

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