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Im a potato modder still learning everyday, now im learning blender 3D modeling, maybe sometime ill come up with original content made from scratch, but for now mostly only modify other people files, so the real MVPs here are the original mod authors and 3D artist, even if they are using original assets made from scratch or assets extracted from other games, they came up with good creations and spend their time and effort too, that's why almost all of my files are intentionally incomplete mods, i could easily repack everyting in a single zip file like other bigger modders do with the excuse that it is easier for the end user, but i dont like doing that, because I really admire this talented people who spended his time doing something free, public and non profit, the least I can do in gratitude is not to steal them a download or a view, sharing only the modified files as a patch and leave as requisite one original single file (as long as its posible), so people gotta go to their download page, knowing their work and who they are, giving them respect and the recongnition they deserve, so please endorse and support original mod authors!... and if you're an original mod author please don't get mad with me if i mod your mod, see it as a tribute, im a huge fan of yours and really love your work, if that wasnt the case i didnt even bother in waste my time in it at all.

most of the time i share my files on the site where i found the original, but so you don't get lost follow me on twitter where youll find posts regardless what website!!