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I am a biologist-turned-BI-analyst by profession and a jack-of-trades in my personal life (carpentry, home improvement, Linux server-ops, chef, TES modder, world traveller, and generally-annoying-know-it-all). Let's just say that I feel a strong kinship with the character 'Adam' from Northern Exposure (one of my favorite TV shows from back in the early 90s). I have been modding since 2006 starting with Wrye Mash and Morrowind (my favorite TES game).


These days, I am mostly involved in assisting other mod authors with creating and maintaining 3D hybrid tree LOD meshes for DynDOLOD ... and conveying the importance of NOT bundling author-pre-generated LOD with mods! I am also president of the Step Modifications nonprofit (formerly "S.T.E.P.") where we have been assisting the modding community for almost a decade now (since March, 2012). I also built and maintain the Step server and website linked previously.


I only have one full-fleged mod (Aspen Realism ... still plan on improving the meshes once I learn 3Ds Max). All of my other 'mods' are SLE BAIN repackages and 3D hybrid models for some of the top SSE tree mods out there ... so augmentations on the coat tails of my betters. All of my mods have been graciously handed off to StepModifications shared-member account here on Nexus (hehe --better he maintain than me o_O) --shout-out to my fellow Step board members and staffers, TechAngel85 (TES lighting wizard), DoubleYouC (BethINI creator), and lothan24 (aka., Greg, resident modding support guru and SPAM thwarter).



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