• 14 November 2013 16:47:12

    NMM alpha test update released, bug fixes aplenty

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Thanks to the bug reports from brave souls testing our alpha release of NMM 0.50 yesterday we have released an update today for people testing the alpha. You can find this latest version by clicking here. Here's the fix list:

    1. Bugfix: NMM failing to create file links when the program wasn’t run as administrator with some Windows’ UAC settings.
    2. Bugfix: File link overwrite prompt not showing the file owner.
    3. Bugfix: Rare crash while migrating the install log.
    4. Bugfix: Fixed a missing file link issue with some fomod mods for fallout games.
    5. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with Category and Readme Manager setup windows.

    Please remember, only install this version of NMM if you're willing to accept the presence of potentially game stopping bugs (until we fix them). Please also remember that the news comments aren't the best place for bug reports! The best place to report bugs is using our Bug Tracker. It's tied to the forums and allows us to converse with you, and others experiencing the issue, so we can fix the issue as soon as possible. Please remember to provide as much information as possible including the steps you took that caused the bug to occur and what operating system you're using! Thanks again guys. As you can see, your help is helping us to make NMM better.

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