• 24 July 2013 15:02:13

    This mod Falskaar is kind of big

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    Alexander Velicky has released Falskaar, a content heavy new land and quest mod set on an island of the same name. It's available right here exclusively on Skyrim Nexus.

    The mod was designed to be as complete as a Bethesda Game Studios developed game add-on, and it's pretty damn impressive considering that Alex primarily designed and created the mod himself (albeit with a lot of help for the sound, testing, and working through bugs). Alex explained to Gamasutra that he is looking to apply for a position with Bethesda Game Studios.

    "Falskaar was my full-time job," he says, noting that he worked around 8 hours each weekday, along with some overtime during evenings and weekend. "I put an average of 40-70 hours a week into the mod."

    Velicky lives with his dad, who he says was "very supportive, allowing me to live here without paying rent or having to pay for food/bills, so I was able to work full time without getting a job of any sort."

    The idea was that instead of going to design school, Velicky would cut out the middle man and directly gain experience with video game design by creating his own masterpiece.

    "I made this mod partially because I love game design and it was incredibly fun to do, but also because I wanted to impress Bethesda Game Studios,"he explains. "I think they make a very unique type of game, and are one of the best game design companies out there."

    The team at Bethesda has offered the 19-year-old advice over the last year or two, although he hasn't yet heard anything as-of-yet regarding a possible job following Falskaar development wrap-up.

    According to the mod description the new content adds new land equal to 2 Skyrim holds, between 20-30 hours of play, 9 main quests and 17 side quests, new items, new spells, voice acting with over 30 voices, and a complete soundtrack of 40 minutes of music composed by Adamm Khuevrr.

    You can download the mod and soundtrack from the mod page here.

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