• 18 July 2013 11:57:40

    Planned “down-time” today, 4pm GMT

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    If you’ve followed the news on the network over the past 6 months you’ll know we’ve been working extensively on our server architecture backend to resolve all the stability issues. Down-time, 502 errors, 503 errors, slow-downs, posts going missing when you click submit, they’re all a part of a range of issues that we’ve been working to fix through a lot of hard work and expense. We know we can’t expand and start supporting more games until we sort out this very frustrating issue.

    We think we’re almost ready. Again. We’re currently running a test on the forums right now that’s going well, and we’re much further ahead than we were before. We’re planning to run a test on Skyrim Nexus from around 4pm GMT. This will involve putting the site in to “read-only” mode and switching over the site to use our test database. How will this affect things during the test?

    • You will not be able to make any new posts on comments anywhere on the site
    • You will not be able to publish new files
    • Some posts and topics will be missing as our test database is around 24 hours old; any posts made in the past 24 hours will not show during this time (but they have NOT been lost!)

    We plan to run this test after 4pm GMT, but might delay it a bit later in to the afternoon/evening. You’ll still be able to browse the site and download files, just the commenting system will be affected. We expect to run the test for 30 mins before restoring things back to how they normally are.

    Hopefully salvation is just around the corner.

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