• 1 May 2013 13:17:03

    Dovahtracker Alpha

    posted by Zaldiir Mod News
    Dovahtracker is a modification by Tytanis for Skyrim that enables you to track and share your characters in real-time. Every single detail about your character is tracked, from items to stats and everything in between. It can even track your mods, making it extremely easy to share your mod list with people without having to do anything at all.

    The framework is portable enough to work with every Bethesda title. Expect trackers for Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas in the near future. Other games will be supported as well.

    The tracker is currently in Alpha stage, and the available features are as follows:
    • Game Stats Tracking
    • Equipment Tracking
    • Spells Tracking
    • Skills Tracking
    • Quests Tracking
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Position Tracking
    • Player Cards for Forums

    In the future, these features will be available:
    • Custom Avatars/Based on Facegen.
    • Screenshot Gallery
    • Ratings
    • Character Titles
    • Guild System
    • Leaderboards - Will require anti-cheat.
    • Item Auctions - Will require anti-cheat.
    • Character Journals
    • MCM Support/Configuration
    • Achievements
    • Map - Your current location, all character locations
    • All-around database of items, npcs, spells, etc
    • Character Backups/Snapshots - Have your own .ess/mods/.inis/complete .bat backups all in one area.
    • Battle Area - Pit your characters against others and see who will dominate (on the site and possibly in-game in the future)!

    Visit to try it out! Get your friends on board, and compare your characters! (Installation instructions)

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