• 18 January 2013 21:11:11

    The Dragonborn Comes in February

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Happy news for both PC players and Playstation 3 players!

    PC: You will be exploring Solstheim on February 5th!

    Playstation: Sometime in February, you will get to explore Solstheim, followed by building yourself a home, and after that you will get to either kill or team up with some vampires! All this in February! And that is not all; update 1.8 will arrive just before Dragonborn. You think Bethesda is ending it with just giving you (in order of release) update 1.8, Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard? Nope. During the launch week, all DLCs are 50% off on PSN!

    Source: Bethblog

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