• 8 November 2012 16:37:12

    An introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Not quite sold on The Elder Scrolls Online? Unsure if you are going to buy it or not? Well, this video might help you decide one way or the other. And this can not be stressed enough: ESO is NOT developed by Bethesda Game Studios, but by Zenimax Online Studios.

    The first video of The Elder Scrolls Onlineā€”a documentary-style introduction to the game, presented by members of The Elder Scrolls Online Development Team. This video covers the basics of ESO, including a first look at the game's Elder Scrolls-style combat system, massive PvP battles, Megaserver technology, exploration-based content, and much more.

    This video is the first in a series of regular content and video updates on Check the site regularly for more!

    - Personally, I find ESO very interesting! I am actually quite tired of MMOs in general, but I am hoping that this game will change that, and hopefully draw in enough players to be successful. The combat looks pretty cool, the world looks astonishing with all the Elder Scrolls details in it, so those aspects of the game looks pretty solid so far. I guess we can only wait and see how things develop further along the path to release. We will do our best to keep you updated on the game.

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