• 12 September 2012 10:41:17

    A potential bug identified in Hearthfire

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    Kotaku has the story about a possible bug/feature in the Hearthfire.

    After you’ve built an entryway and a main hall for your manor, you can start selecting optional rooms like a library or kitchen. Each set of rooms is attached to a wing of the house — you can only build bedrooms in the west wing, for example — but you can only start planning out one room per wing at a time.

    This is where the problems start. If you pick a plan from the west wing, start building parts of it over at the workbench, and then select another plan from the west wing at the drafting table, everything goes wonky. You can lose progress and even deny yourself access to entire rooms. (One of my blueprints disappeared entirely, and I can’t get it back.)

    So what’s the solution? Build one thing at a time. Don’t pick multiple blueprints from the drafting table at once: just select one, finish all of its pieces at the workbench, and then move on to the next plan. Don’t get cute and experiment with drafting, or you might lock yourself out of some of the game’s content.

    Let us know if you understand what on earth this means. Read it and more at Kotaku.

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