• 10 September 2012 13:45:31

    Skyrim Workshop - 10,000th mod

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    The Bethblog brings the news that the Steam Workshop for Skyrim has had its 10,000th mod uploaded. Steam Workshop conducted an interview with the modder joedamarsio, for whom the mod was his first mod.

    This past week the Skyrim Workshop reached another milestone – it’s 10,000th mod. The mod, Shannara Weapon Set from joedamarsio, with an interview from the Skyrim Creation Kit (Public) Steam Group. Here’s an snippet…

    Any advice you would offer to anyone playing Skyrim who maybe thinks about trying to make a mod but is intimidated?

    It’s overwhelming when you first look at all the options on the Creation Kit but if you follow the Wiki it will talk you through everything and make modding a pleasurable and fun experience

    Read the full interview here, and if you haven’t checked out the Workshop yet, visit

    Read the full interview at the Skyrim Creation Kit (Public) Group at Steam.

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